Introducing SPARKR: All-­Weather Plasma Lighter


From Power Practical:

Power  Practical,  makers  of  award-­winning  innovative  products  and   solutions  for  active  lifestyles  and  everyday  living,  is  proud  enter  new  territory  with  the  unveiling  of   the  Sparkr  and  Sparkr  mini  Plasma  Lighters.  The  Sparkr  all-­weather  flameless  lighter  with  an   integrated  flashlight  is  a  sleek,  practical  and  durable  gadget  designed  for  the  rigors  of   backcountry  adventure  and  the  convenience  of  everyday  carry.

Power  Practical,  well  known  for  the  company’s  award-­winning  Power  Pot™  and  success  on   ABC’s  hit  show  Shark  Tank,  is  excited  to  unveil  the  company’s  latest  feat  of  electrical   engineering:  the  Sparkr  ($49.99)  and  Sparkr  Mini  ($29.99).  Inspired  by  a  6ft-­tall  Tesla  Coil   developed  in  the  team’s  free  time,  the  Sparkr  is  a  more  practical  pocket-­sized  version  that   delivers  a  small  but  concentrated  electrical  current  between  two  electrodes.  The  result  is  a   windproof,  water  resistant,  lighter  that  delivers  a  hotter  and  more  targeted  point  of  ignition  than  a   traditional  open  flame.

The  Sparkr  is  designed  with  an  electric  plasma  lighter  on  one  end  and  a  150  lumen  flashlight  /   lantern  on  the  other.  The  built-­in  rechargeable  lithium  ion  battery  can  power  the  Sparkr’s  flashlight   for  up  to  4  hours  on  high  (16  hours  on  low),  and  deliver  hundreds  of  plasma  ignitions.  The  Sparkr   is  made  with  durable  anodized  aluminum  body  and  comes  with  an  ergonomically  molded  thumb   grip  with  rubberized  on/off  buttons.  A  quick  twist  lighter  cap  protects  the  plasma  lighter  element   when  not  in  use  or  may  be  used  to  transform  the  flashlight  into  a  light-­diffusing  lantern.

Power  Practical  is  also  releasing  the  Sparkr  Mini,  a  smaller  sidekick  of  less  than  half  the  size  and   with  an  x-­shaped  plasma  lighting  element.  The  compact  size,  lightweight  durable  construction,   and  all-­weather  ignition,  makes  the  Sparkr  Mini  the  perfect  everyday  day  carry  companion.

Both  the  Sparkr  and  Sparkr  Mini  may  be  purchased  ahead  of  production  on  Kickstarter  at  limited  time  special  pricing.

About  Power  Practical

Power   Practical   is   a   Salt   Lake   City   based   group   of   engineers,   entrepreneurs   and   outdoor   enthusiasts  who  emphasize  diversity  in  energy  resources  by  developing  innovative,  effective  and   affordable  energy  products  to  keep  you  connected  anywhere,  anytime.  

Sleek,   practical   and   durably   designed,   the   Sparkr   and   Sparkr   Mini   Plasma   Lighters   are   wind-­proof,   wet-­proof,   and   will   outlast   and   out-­perform   traditional   lighters.   An   integrated   flashlight  and  powerful  battery  transforms  these  from  lighters  to  essential  carry  tools.  


  •       Flameless ignition
  •       Plasma lighter works  in  wind,  rain,  or  snow
  •       Slim body and  targeted  ignition  perfect  for  lighting  hard-­to-­reach  areas  (candles,  etc.)
  •       Ignition electrodes  encased  in  high-­temp, durable  and  weather-­shedding  plastic
  •       150 lumen flashlight  with  3  brightness  settings
  •       Powered by 3,350  mAh  rechargeable  Li-­Ion  cell  (no  butane  fuel)

⇒     Battery  Life:  4  hours  on  high,  16  hours  on  low

⇒     Battery  Life:  hundreds  of  plasma  ignitions

  •       Micro USB charging  port  (protected  by  twistable  flashlight  head  casement)
  •       Body made from  durable  anodized  aluminum
  •       Quick release end-cap protects plasma lighter and transforms flashlight into a lantern
  •       Available in 2 color schemes: brushed silver and black
  •       Purchase includes noodle-tie for quick & easy tethering and charging cable
  •       Weight: 5.2 oz (less than 1/3 lb.)
  •       Kickstarter Pricing: $35
  •       Retail Pricing: $50

sparkr-mini-diagram1Sparkr  mini:

  •       X-­shaped plasma lighter  /  flameless  ignition
  •       Plasma lighter works  in  wind,  rain,  or  snow
  •       Magnetic flip top
  •       Made with high-­temp,  durable  and  weather-­shedding  plastic
  •       15 lumen flashlight
  •       Micro-­USB charging port
  •       Weight: 3.2 oz
  •       Kickstarter Pricing: $20
  •       Retail Pricing: $30



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