onWater Fish Announces Test Membership Program with Exclusive Benefits for Conservation-Focused Anglers, in Partnership with Trout Unlimited


A person fly fishing in a serene river, surrounded by lush greenery, with logos of "trout unlimited" and "onwater fish" positioned on the right.

From onWater Fish:

onWater Fish, a leading mobile app for anglers across the US, and Trout Unlimited, the nation’s premier coldwater fisheries conservation organization, today announced their formal partnership. This collaboration will bring the onWater Fish app to select new Trout Unlimited members as an exclusive subscription benefit to provide them with valuable tools and resources to elevate their fishing experience and support conservation efforts. The membership program will be tested with a select group of Trout Unlimited members before being rolled out to the wider angling community. Members who participate in the testing phase will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the mobile app and a unique set of offerings housed inside for TU members, all to help shape the future of the program.

Smarter Fishing with a Conservation Focus

Through this partnership Trout Unlimited members will have access to onWater Fish’s
comprehensive suite of features included with an onWater+ subscription, including:

● Real-time fishing conditions: Stay informed about water flow, weather forecasts, and fish
activity at their favorite spots.
● Interactive maps: Discover new fishing locations, navigate to public access points, and
find hidden gems.
● Trip tracking: Log your catches, share photos, and analyze trends to improve your
fishing skills.
● Conservation resources: Learn about local regulations, responsible fishing practices, and
how to protect coldwater fisheries.
● Coming soon: All onWater users will have access to exclusive, conservation-based map
data within the onWater Fish app, helping them identify areas where their fishing impacts
conservation efforts while being able to find opportunities to give back.

A Shared Commitment to Healthy Fisheries

onWater Fish and Trout Unlimited share a deep commitment to conservation. The app promotes
responsible fishing practices and will educate users about the importance of protecting aquatic
habitats. This partnership further strengthens this commitment by providing Trout Unlimited
members with the tools and information they need to be informed stewards of any fishery.
“We are incredibly honored to have been selected by the country’s preeminent organization
dedicated to protecting our watersheds and wild trout and salmon populations”, said Scott
Carver, Founder and CEO of onWater. Not only are our core values of protecting our precious
resources completely in sync, we share a common mission of building a more informed and
engaged angling community.”

“Trout Unlimited is thrilled to test a membership marketing partnership with onWater. Our goal is
to enhance the member experience by partnering with corporations that give unique offerings to
anglers across the nation,” said Sherice Evans, Senior Director of Partnerships at TU. “By
working together, we can ensure that our rivers and streams remain healthy and vibrant for
generations to come.”

About onWater Fish

onWater Fish is a mobile app designed to empower anglers of all skill levels to find success on
the water, while promoting conservation awareness and responsible fishing practices. The app
provides users with real-time fishing information, interactive maps, catch tracking tools, and a
platform for sharing experiences.

About Trout Unlimited

Trout Unlimited is the nation’s leading organization dedicated to conserving and restoring
coldwater fisheries and their watersheds. Through science-based programs, advocacy, and
education, Trout Unlimited works to ensure healthy and sustainable fisheries for future


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