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Whoa. I already received 4 emails and a call. Some really promising sounding quality leads too! Looks like you have a really effective thing going with the program. Good stuff, thanks :)

- Dan Tilton, American Fly Outfitters

We have hired some great employees from using Fly Fishing Jobs over the years and have been a great resource for us and allows us to reach so many more people looking to get into the fly fishing industry. If you are maybe thinking about posting to Fly Fishing Jobs, don't hesitate. Just send it in and you won't be disappointed.

- Jake, West Branch Angler & Resort

I had heard of some time ago but decided to give it a try on our most recent job posting. Within the same day the job was posted to their social media and website, which I was not expecting at all. Within days, we had a healthy amount of applicants which helped us recruit our new hire in an extremely fast manner. I will definitely be using them again for future job postings.

- John Koza, CEO Riversmith.


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