Would The Trade Show Work Better in May? You tell us…


One of the most interesting things we heard at the recent International Fly Tackle Dealer (and ICAST) trade show was that there are some key players starting to lobby on behalf of moving the show to May in a couple of years. Clearly, for those who are in the prime of their business season in mid July, that might be a better option. And Orlando or Vegas in May somehow seem more appealing than they do in July. Then again, May is prime season for many other fly businesses (they’re called “mayflies” for a reason, and that’s prime time for tarpon).

So please—this is important, because the feedback will be heard—take a couple minutes to answer one of the following:

If timing for IFTD/ICAST were shifted to May…

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Way to Go, Joe… and GoPro

The New GoPro Hero 4 Session

The New GoPro Hero 4 Session

Angling Trade was fortunate enough to take part in a pre-show fishing blast out of Jupiter, Florida, thanks to the folks at Costa, Simms, GoPro, and YETI. Joe Cermele, our-brother-in-arms with Field & Stream (he’s the fishing editor, and host of the popular “Hookshots” episodes found at fieldandstream.com) cut a nice video of our day playing with bonita, some mahi, and big sharks, using a new GoPro Hero 4 Session.

Our fishing partner was Ryan Chuckel, who works with GoPro (and caught his first albies on the fly like a champ) liked it so much, he sent it into the mother ship, and GoPro posted it on its global website… not a small feat, and pretty tall respect for the fishing community to get that kind of mainstream exposure.

It’s one thing to take cool videos and show them to ourselves, but even better to Continue reading

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Speaking of YETI…


That Texas-based cooler company might just be one of the greatest business success stories with connections to the fly-fishing industry. I can remember two guys standing in a small booth around a pile of coolers at IFTD not long ago.

Since then, the lesson has been that products that work really well can take you far. We loved the coolers. Then we dug the “Rambler” and bottle openers.

The “hopper” is a smash, as is its newer, smaller counterpart.

And while we see it all in the fishing context, we also see YETI reaching far into everyday consumer hearts and minds at a scale almost nobody imagined.

How successful, you ask? Continue reading

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More Elephant Hunting… Let’s Talk Guides!


Illustration by Paul Puckett

Thanks to the many of you who wrote in with positive feedback on the “Elephant Hunting” piece we ran in the last issue of Angling Trade. We must have touched a few nerves.

Most of the feedback (60 percent) came from guides, asking us to really press on this issue of guide standards in the fly business. For example:

I wanted to commend you for a very well written article in the Show issue, “Elephant Hunting”.  I think the whole article was great and should make people think, but I particularly liked your talk about the guides.  I’ve personally had a similar stance myself.  In fact, one of the reasons I don’t guide much any more is because of the lack of guide training I see.  In twenty years of guiding, I’ve never been given a “guide training.”  Sure, I’ve had a few meetings and cpr classes, but no on the water experiences organized by any of the operations I have guided for.  I had to learn on my own, get in trouble with the shop and senior guides, and miss opportunities simply to learn the hard way.  Do you think this inspires bad attitude and a lack of respect?  You bet it does.  We are all speaking out about the Bahamas and the initiatives they are looking to put into place, but they are looking to standardize the guides and that is way ahead of what we do (of course they have other problems with the proposition).

Trust us… we’re on it. But we’d like to Continue reading

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The American Fly Fishing Trade Association policy makes statement on global climate change



As a trade association representing an industry dependent of clean water, clean air and access to healthy natural venues, we are alarmed by the lack of action taken to address this clear and pressing danger to the future of our businesses and our world.

AFFTA agrees with NASA, NOAA, the National Academy of Sciences and many other major scientific organizations around the world that human activity is warming the planet with CO2 emissions and putting our future at risk.

Climate change is no longer a potential threat; It demands our attention now. We applaud our members who have taken pro-active steps to address this challenge in their businesses and encourage others to look for opportunities to do likewise.

We call on our elected officials to put partisan politics aside and work quickly to enact federal policy to address the threats presented by global climate change.

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