Angling Trade Shifts Gears

fish_schoolWe’re actually kicking it into high gear. Basically what we’re doing is doubling the number of E-newsletters like this one, so we will send two a month rather than one.  We are also cutting the number of print magazines we produce a year from four to two–a Spring Issue, and a Summer/Show issue.  (Those two issues currently account for 75 percent of our ad revenue).

What does this mean to you?  You’re going to hear more often from us, with more “newsy” content as things in this industry happen.  The magazine will be where we run more detailed, issues-related and instructional stories.  You’ll find more of the people news, product news, interactive surveys, debate topics and so forth online.  All in all, with the industry LinkedIn forum, regular E-newsletters, and two “archival,” thicker, stronger print issues of AT, we are increasing bandwidth and facilitating better communications among fly-fishing businesses.

We are also going to crank up Continue reading

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Industry Chatter: Introductions

Jess McGlothlin, Communications Director, AFFTA

Jess McGlothlin, Communications Director, AFFTA

Angling Trade is pleased to partner with AFFTA by featuring a regular column in the Angling Trade E-news from AFFTA communications director Jess McGlothlin…

A few weeks ago I was lazily drifting down the lower Madison with a friend who is a relatively busy guide. It was a day off for us both, a day of mellow fishing and drifting conversation. As so often happens, talk transitioned to industry chatter. While he’d taken a relatively direct route into the fly-fishing industry; my own has been rather circuitous, providing us both very different views into this small world we all inhabit.

Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to approach the fly-fishing industry in a variety Continue reading

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AT Survey: Do We Need Better Guide Standards?


For some reason, we’ve been picking up a lot of chatter recently on the issue of fly guides…  Are there too many of them?  Or how do we even define a pro guide these days?  Should there be more than a CPR/first aid card required (which is all you need in many places to call yourself a guide)?  As guides are key “gatekeepers,” should the industry have a more vested interest in setting standards for guides?  You tell us…

Should the Fly Fishing Industry Set Uniform, National Standards for Fly-Fishing Guides?

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Speaking of Expertise…

When you get a chance, take a moment to read this story on expertise.

We won’t editorialize on it now, but suffice it to say that fly fishing, and retailing in fly fishing has always revolved in some form and fashion around expertise.  How does that factor into your business?

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The “Bobber Wars” Go On


Here’s some inside baseball… the back and forth on bobbers between Louis Cahill and me is all a game. Planned months ago. A media experiment to see how anglers would react. I wore the black hat and fired this opening salvo on Cahill replied with this post on Gink & Gasoline. A bunch of other bloggers climbed on for the ride, and we got an interesting glimpse of sentiment on that matter.

Here’s my response to Cahill’s latest… and feel free to comment if you like… but don’t take anything too seriously.

-Kirk Deeter

Louis… You Booger-Eating Moron…

The feelings of brotherly love (I am from Philly) are quite mutual, Louis.
I respect you as an angler and an artist to the nth degree. A Louis Cahill photograph proudly hangs as a focal point in my family’s living room, and, as a magazine editor, I have bought dozens of your images for covers and spreads, and will continue to do so. You’re a rare talent.

But stick to photography, so you only have to work 1/60th of a second at a time.
Because you just whiffed with your argument.

First of all, what I suggested was NOT a ban, rather, looking at some non-regulated, non-mandated ways that we might find an agreement to keep the bobbers off of certain stretches of river to avoid conflicts. I personally don’t care what you all do fishing wise. I’m just acknowledging that there’s a growing constituency of people who are pissed at the bobber crowd. Rather than digging your heels, and shooting the messenger, maybe you should open your mind (and r-e-a-d the column again, carefully).

Aren’t you at all curious to see what might happen if we’d Continue reading

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