Tidal Roots Partners with Maine Island Trail Association

TidalRoots&MITA2015From Tidal Roots:

Tidal Roots is partnering with the Maine Island Trail Association (MITA) to help support America’s first recreational water trail in America. Since Tidal Roots manufactures “green” paddleboards out of local Maine cedar in New England, the fit to help MITA was a clear decision for founders Kyle Schaefer and Kent Scovill. Tidal Roots has commits to donate Continue reading

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Former Oregon Senator’s Film Documents Water Rights on the Klamath

A River Between Us, a documentary film produced by former Oregon State Senator Jason Atkinson, which brings to light a bitter, century-old, sociopolitical battle over water rights and the historic coalition that rose to end it, driving the largest conservation project in American history, debuts on iTunes Movies and Amazon Prime today, Atkinson said.

“We created this film to be a cinematic call to action on behalf of the largest restoration project in American history,” Atkinson said. “We’ve screened it at festivals throughout the West and beyond, and with this national release we can share the story with people who have never heard of the Klamath, and the racial healing, and give them a chance to do something big. The endgame is to provoke the White House into taking action to save it.”

Focused on the Klamath River Basin, which is comprised of nearly 16,000 square miles east of the Cascade Range stretching from southern Oregon well into northern California, A River Between Us captures the end of nearly a century of “water wars” in the region, wherein farmers, Native Tribes, local and regional industry, and environmental activists have been pitted against each other for rights to the Klamath River, which at one time was home to the third-largest salmon run on the West Coast.

“Water is the oil of our times,” Atkinson said. “A limited, precious natural resource. Sadly, the era of Continue reading

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National Marine Manufacturers Association Acquires American Sportfishing Association’s Consumer Shows

From ASA:

The American Sportfishing Association (ASA) and National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) announced today that NMMA has acquired the rights to ASA’s four consumer shows: the Chicagoland Fishing Travel & Outdoor Expo, the Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sportshow, the World Fishing & Outdoor Exposition and the Saltwater Fishing Expo.

“The ASA shows will make an outstanding addition to our lineup of consumer boat and sportshows,” said Ben Wold, NMMA’s Vice President. “This partnership with ASA will Continue reading

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With rule on hold, clean water still in peril across America

From TU:

A 6th Circuit Court ruling last week puts the implementation of a much-needed clean water rule on hold pending further court action, a move that leaves in peril the vast majority of America’s headwater streams which provide water for everything from fish to farms to people.

“We’re disappointed by the court’s decision to issue this stay,” said Steve Moyer, Trout Unlimited’s vice president for government affairs.  “We, our partners, and thousands of concerned Americans  worked very hard over the course of years to encourage the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to draft this rule and reinstate protections for our headwaters that were lost a decade ago. The effect of the court’s decision is to return the nation to the mess that we had prior to the finalization of the clean water rule.”

Moyer said that Trout Unlimited does take heart the court’s determination that a clear, consistent rule is needed, and that the agencies used a strong scientific record to develop it.

“Obviously, the order from the court is not a rejection of the rule and does not invalidate or hold the rule unlawful,” he said. “The court simply ordered that Continue reading

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Congress Should Seize Opportunity to Plan for Future Droughts

From TRCP:

In advance of a U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources hearing on Western and Alaska water legislation on Thursday, a coalition of conservation and sportsmen’s groups are urging the committee to consider a list of recommendations for federal actions to make our country more drought resilient.

In a letter, the American Sportfishing Association, B.A.S.S., Berkley Conservation Institute, The Nature Conservancy, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, and Trout Unlimited point out that “the worst time to respond to a drought is in the midst of one. At that point, there are few, if any, good options available to avoid the worst impacts of drought, and combined with enflamed passions and politics, reaching consensus on solutions is nearly impossible. We need to start planning for future droughts so that we have more options available to us when the next drought hits and we are less likely to suffer significant economic or ecological harm.”

The groups’ letter sets forth a proactive agenda to Continue reading

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