Newport® Unveils NK180PRO Electric Kayak Outboard


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From Newport:

Newport, innovator in electric propulsion for small watercrafts, is proud to announce the launch of their NK180PRO Electric Kayak Outboard Motor, setting a new standard in unparalleled performance, whisper-quiet precision, and optimized efficiency.

“The NK180PRO purely elevates the world of electric kayak outboard motors,” says Howie Strech, Brand Marketing Manager at Newport. “We’ve meticulously designed every aspect of this kayak outboard motor to enhance the angler’s experience on the water.”

The NK180PRO maximizes the potential of a motor in its class, thanks to Newport’s commitment to improving three key performance attributes: speed, quietness, and range. With Performance Redefined, the NK180PRO boasts a remarkable 16% increase in speed, allowing anglers to reach fishing spots faster, and with more control, than ever before.

“We wanted to create a motor that not only performs with precision at low speeds but also elevates the entire kayaking experience with significant speed gains at the top end of the throttle range,” adds Strech. “It’s remarkable the acceleration you get out of the top 20% of the throttle range!”

The extended range stands out as one of the most remarkable achievements of the new NK180PRO compared to its predecessor. With a focus on optimizing efficiency, anglers can now maximize their time on the water. The motor provides 25% more efficient propulsion, resulting in extended range and reduced charging needs, particularly beneficial for avid anglers who spend long hours on the water.

“We revisited every aspect of the NK180PRO, from the ground up, to ensure we delivered an exceptional product,” says Jason Kardas, Head of Product Development at Newport. “We maximized efficiency and performance by designing a completely new propeller and refining internal structures.”

Recognizing the paramount importance of stealth in angling endeavors, Newport has carefully engineered the NK180PRO to excel in quiet operation. With a 25% reduction in noise, this motor provides anglers with a significant tactical advantage while navigating waters silently. “Stealth plays a crucial role in anglers’ successes,” says Kardas. “That’s why we’ve developed this motor to be 25% quieter, offering anglers a tactical advantage without sacrificing performance.”

The standout features don’t stop at the motor itself. The NK180PRO’s new throttle design is IP67 rated, giving anglers the confidence to tackle any water, no matter the conditions. “We listened to feedback from anglers around the world, and incorporated it all into the design,” explains Strech.

The NK180PRO Electric Kayak Motor retails at $999 and will be available at and through specialty retail locations starting April 3, 2024.

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