Facebook is knocking down the Like Gate.


Here we go again… Early this month Facebook posted an update to their developer blog that effectively ended the practice of like-gating.

The revised policy says “You must not incentivize people to use social plugins or to like a Page.” This includes offering rewards, or gating apps or app content based on whether or not a person has liked a Page.

That’s about as clear as my favorite fishing hole after a heavy rain. Let’s break it down. Continue reading

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AFFTA’s Dealer Summit


Angling Trade is proud to support the America Fly Fishing Trade Association’s upcoming Aspen Dealer Summit, which will be held October 20-23 at the Aspen Square Hotel in Aspen, Colorado.

This is shaping up to be a real “meat and potatoes” business improvement event, starting with a “Firestarter” keynote from brand strategist, social media maven and author Erika Napoletano.  The summit will also cover other important issues that impact fly tackle retailers in the current market like: Identifying and measuring key predictive indicators, inventory turns and managing inventory, profit margins, labor costs, motivating staff, and much more.

Most importantly, it’s an opportunity to Continue reading

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Correction: Loomis Not Changing Warranty Yet

loomis_webIn the last Angling Trade E-Newsletter we reported on some Internet chatter that G.Loomis had sent a letter to dealers announcing a change in its rod warranty program.  In truth, the letter was from Loomis parent company Shimano, and the policy only applies to Shimano products at this time.  Loomis will continue on the warranty path for now.  We apologize for any confusion.

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AT Survey: What is Your Most Common “Non-Fly-Angler” Consumer?


If yours is like many fly shops, you are apt to get a number of customer in your store who aren’t necessarily avid fly anglers (at least not already).  We wonder who these prospects are…  passers through?  Hunters? Bait-whackers?

What is Your Most Common “Non-Fly-Angler” Consumer?

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Something Every Shop Should Have… Fish Skull Fly Tester


Another winning product from IFTD we wanted to call out is the Fish Skull Fly Tester, from Flymen Fishing Co. Now, as the name implies, you can fasten flies to lines, and float them on the surface, “drift” them under the surface, and even “swim” certain flies like streamers. In other words you can see how they look and behave in the water… what the action is, and so forth.

That’s all fine, but let’s call it like it is and say what the fly tester really is. It’s a Continue reading

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