Del Brown Invitational Permit Won By Hardy Pro Angler Linville Hardy Proaxis-X Plays Major Role

Nathaniel Linville prepares to release 32-inch Permit caught during Del Brown Invitational.

Nathaniel Linville prepares to release 32-inch Permit caught during Del Brown Invitational.

From Hardy:

Nathaniel Linville was named Grand Champion at the 2014 Del Brown Invitational Permit Tournament in Key West, Florida. Linville, with Captain Aaron Snell, caught and released five permit during the three-day tourney. There were fifteen permit caught and released by the fifteen angler/captain teams.

Linville and partner Captain Aaron Snell, both of Key West, accumulated 800 points including the largest permit of the tournament measuring 32 inches to the fork. The nearest competitors had won the event three of the five previous years but could only score 300 this year. Linville caught his permit on one-piece Hardy Proaxis X 8-foot 10 inch, 8- and 9-weight fly rods.

The Del Brown Invitational is dedicated to the man whom made permit fishing with a fly rod famous. The late Del Brown caught 513 permit on a fly rod during Continue reading

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Sage Marries Tradition with Advanced Design in the DOMAIN Reel Series

sage_domainFrom Sage:

With a nod towards traditional designs, Sage has re-imagined the full frame reel preferred by many two-handed purists with the new DOMAIN series.

Combining a full frame design to ensure no line pinches and the modern-day advantages of larger arbor and Sage’s Sealed Carbon System (SCS), the DOMAIN offers high performance not previously found in full frame reels.

“Every Sage reel is purpose-built to be the right tool to get the job done, and the DOMAIN is no exception,” notes Kurt VanWyck, Sage director of research and design. “This reel is designed with a nod to tradition but Continue reading

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Abel Zinger Wins Accesorry Category at IFTD


From Abel:

It took awhile, but fly reel manufacturer and creative machine shop Abel Automatics, Inc. has streamlined, modernized and perfected the ubiquitous tool found on virtually every fly fisher’s vest: the zinger.

Used to hold nippers, clippers, de-barbing pliers, fly floatant, scissors or magnifying glasses – to name a few – within easy reach on a retractable spool, the tools have been most notable for breaking or falling apart at the most inopportune time.

Enter Abel’s design team!

Abel’s made-in-the-USA Zinger boasts stainless steel and 6061-T651 cold finished aerospace grade aluminum construction and is designed with the option to either attach to a vest using a screw mechanism or utilize the included Continue reading

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TRCP Testifies Before Senate on Value of Outdoors Economy

From TRCP:

When Senate lawmakers met today to consider the role of natural resources in stimulating America’s economy, the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership spoke up in support of sportsmen – and testified to the value hunting, fishing and related activities bring to our nation’s fiscal health.

“Leveraging America’s Resources as a Revenue Generator and Job Creator” was the theme of a hearing convened this morning by the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, and TRCP Center for Western Lands Director Joel Webster emphasized that hunting and fishing activities are not only a valued part of America’s heritage but a significant contributor to the outdoor economy.

“Thirty-seven million Americans hunt and fish and spend $58 billion annually,” Webster stated. “While recreational activities like hunting and fishing might appear to be expendable or mere pastimes, they are vital everyday activities to those communities that rely on that business.

“To the tackle shop owner in Cocodrie, Louisiana, who sells bait, ice and fuel, fishing is not a pastime – it will send a kid to college. For the outfitter based in Fairbanks, Alaska, who relies on booking trips for caribou hunts, hunting is not expendable – it pays the mortgage.”

America’s natural resources form Continue reading

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Fall issue of TROUT Magazine Closing for ad space soon

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 12.12.03 PMTrout magazine now has the largest subscriber base, and the largest readership of any magazine in fly fishing. We’ve grown exponentially, both in terms of ad revenue and printed pages, in the past year.  Our next issue (Fall 2014) promises to be a haymaker, because:

We’ll have an exclusive feature interview with Gina McCarthy, EPA administrator, on the heels of the recent EPA decision to enforce the Clean Water Act to protect Bristol Bay.  Bristol Bay is the defining environmental topic in fly fishing at this time, and no other publication has the access and insight to make an interview like this happen.

We’re running the definitive piece on the “State of the Greenback Trout,” written by Erin Block, one of the best young writers in the field.  This story is part history, part science, part fisheries management, and we’re coming at it with credibility and insight that no other publication can bring.

We’ll be featuring a beautiful photo essay commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, and highlighting places that now offer better trout fishing because of the Wilderness Act. This is a geographically balanced story, covering trout resources from coast to coast.

For the first time, Trout magazine will be featuring comprehensive new product reviews… compiled by a team of Continue reading

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