TU Launches Wild Steelhead Initiative

On Nov. 20, Trout Unlimited launched the Wild Steelhead Initiative, an ambitious and hopeful project to protect and restore the wild steelhead and the fishing opportunities they provide throughout their native range in Alaska, California, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.  This is a major deal, as the nation’s leading coldwater conservation organization (with the largest budget, grassroots network, and national staff) is focusing efforts on the wild steelhead cause in a big way.

The heart of the Initiative will be a new community, Wild Steelheaders United, which is being established to Continue reading

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Angling Trade Asks…


In our continuing efforts to get a better handle on the North American fly-fishing market, we need your input. This month, we ask:

Please rate the impact social media has had on your business. Which best describes your position?

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Giving your customers more choices means fewer conversions

Black Friday and the holiday season are right on top of us. We will be reminded daily of the amazing deals and cool gadgets we need to buy. Honestly it’s one of my favorite shopping times of the year because 1) I love a good deal, and 2) I love cool gadgets. Black Friday is about the only time of the year these two worlds collide. But I tend to hold my hard earned dollars close to my chest and deciding which deal to go after is a difficult, paralyzing proposition. Sometimes I just say “screw it” and walk away.

The same thing happens all the time on the web. Giving your customers too many choices can lead them to making no choice at all. Asking your customers too many questions or giving them too many options can quickly decrease your conversion rate. If you reduce the total number of form fields from 6 to 3 you can improve your conversion rate by 66%.

Your website has a lot of conversions and goals you should be monitoring to help you stay successful. But you need to ask yourself on every page of your site, “What do I want my customers to do on this page?” If there is a link or a button that distracts your customers from that goal, you need to get rid of it. At Sage Lion Media, we are firm believers in this philosophy and have seen it work time and time again.

If you want to see more on the impacts of choices on your conversions check out this Continue reading

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Compromise on the Roan A Win for All

roanThis is a feel-good story about what can happen when intelligent minds with different interests and agendas actually sit down and work together to find a solution that works for everyone.  In a nutshell, conservation groups and the oil and gas industry hammered out a deal that would protect the “top” of the Roan Plateau in Colorado, where many species thrive including a strain of native Colorado cutthroat trout, and at the same time, allow energy developers to get at the billions of dollars in natural gas deposits by using smarter, more efficient, directional drilling techniques.

Here’s the release from Colorado Trout Unlimited: Continue reading

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Utah Stream Access Coalition Needs Money

USAC_nov_14You’ll see in the next print issue of Angling Trade that I wade in on the access issue in my column, particularly the stream access fight that’s going on in Utah. The Utah Stream Access Coalition tells us that they will soon have two cases pending before the Utah Supreme Court, and they need more funds to keep this fight alive. They have had the benefit of pro bono legal work (thank you), but there are still expenses. This is where the other side can bleed the interests of anglers right out of the discussion if we don’t step up with our support.

We, as an industry, owe them at least that much. It’s in everyone’s best interests not to backpedal on stream access, and lose river miles that were formerly available to all anglers.

Some in this industry, including AFFTA, have been engaged and very supportive. But the 80-20 rule applies in that a small minority are doing the heavy lifting. Thing is, this does impact all of us. Please go to the USAC website and donate. Encourage others to do the same. Thank you.

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