Fulling Mill awarded European distribution rights for award winning fly box


From Fulling Mill:

Fulling Mill, Europe’s premier manufacturer of fishing flies, has been appointed the exclusive distributor for the award winning Tacky Fly Box for the whole of Europe. The Tacky Fly Box was the brain child of Tim Jenkins and Ki Aston, two American fishing entrepreneurs who had long been frustrated in their search for the “perfect” fly box. Not being able to find what they were looking for, Jenkins and Aston decided to design the “perfect” fly box themselves.

Two years in the making, the Tacky Fly Box was launched in the USA in early 2014 to great acclaim, and has already picked up numerous awards Continue reading

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Somerset Rocks

TFFS_webBy Kirk Deeter

Last weekend, I hopped a flight from Denver to Newark, New Jersey, rented a car and drove to central Jersey, and bought a three-day pass to the Fly Fishing Show.  It was one of the best “market research” trips I have been on.

Granted, I’ve made a number of trips to the Somerset show.  In fact, long before I was involved in fly fishing from the business side, I lived in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and made a point to visit Somerset every winter.  I’ve covered it a few more times since, but this was the most lively, and most vibrant I’ve seen this, despite a snowstorm on Saturday, and the storm of the decade brewing for Monday.

Kudos belong to Chuck Furimsky, who had the vision and kept with it, even when AFFTA decided several years ago that Continue reading

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Digital Direction: Three Factoids You Should Know

wifi_webBy Steve Schweitzer

Following up on my previous AT article on Mobile Shopping here are three things to consider…

In-store WiFi boosts customer loyalty 28%


Lesson learned: provide free Wi-Fi! Continue reading

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How launching an online marketing campaign is like exploring new water for the first time- Part 2.


As I’ve grown as angler, I started noticing parallels between what I do for a living and chasing fish. There are a ton of similarities if you look hard enough. One thing we’ve been doing a lot of this year is launching marketing campaigns. Believe it or not they are very similar to fishing a stretch of water for the very first time. In part 1 of this series we looked at understanding what you’re fishing for (your audience) and reading the water (attracting the right audience).

This time we will look at getting skunked, ie. having realistic expectations.

Getting Skunked

Maybe I’m a terrible angler, but whenever I fish a new piece of water I often get skunked. I just don’t know Continue reading

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A Loaded Question: Your First Fish on Fly

1-15_first_fish_webA Loaded Question:  Your First Fish on Fly

Sometimes, a very simple question can help us understand many things about fly fishing.  Please help us with this one…

Your very first fish ever caught on a fly rod was a:

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