Colorado Outdoors Medical Center Announced


From Colorado Outdoors:

The Colorado Outdoors Medical Center (COMC), a partnership between several private surgeon groups, a national specialty healthcare provider, and Colorado Outdoors, was announced on February 9th.

The new COMC is designed to be a regional medical center that includes access to outpatient care with surgery specialties, oncology, urgent care, imaging, and other critical healthcare services for the community.

The project’s emphasis is to complement the surrounding hospitals in the region with a focus on outpatient services.

The facility will be approximately 50,000 square feet in size and designed with convenient patient access and affordable care. The facility is expected to be a $30 million dollar investment.

The COMC facility is close to the expanding Montrose Regional Airport and a close walk to the new Marriott Hotel, the new 70-spot early childhood education center, and the new Basecamp Apartments.

Expanding medical services within the Colorado Outdoors economic development project will provide state-of-the-art healthcare services, job growth, and a strong economic return to the community. The project also sits within the Montrose Urban Renewal Authority (MURA), the award-winning public and private partnership.


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