New Film From Costa: The Ties that Bind


From Costa:

For some, fishing is a game of luck. For others, it’s about strategy, probability and tactical execution of a well-laid plan. “The Ties that Bind” explores the connection between Blane Chocklett and Larry Dahlberg — two masters of a highly cerebral approach to angling. Countless hours on the water have taught these two the importance of innovation, persistence and the multi-generational inheritance of passion and knowledge. We’re proud to share the story of Larry and Blane’s unique bond, as well as the one they share with the future generation inheriting their craft. After all, some bonds are thicker than blood…

Born in a rural mountain town in Virginia, Blane Chocklett explores the evolution of his fly guiding career and the impact tv show host and fishing legend, Larry Dahlberg, played in the process. Growing up watching ESPN Saturday mornings at his grandma’s house, Chocklett recalls being enamored with Dahlberg’s show “Hunt Big Fish.”

Chocklett grew up with Larry as his hero, but instead of following in Dahlberg’s path of chasing fish across the globe, he applied the same passion and innovation to uncovering the musky fishery in his own backyard. Chocklett took the same tactics, mechanics and strategy to master his fishery ulike anyone else had before his guiding career.

Aside from catching big fish, Dahlberg is renowned for pioneering new innovations in fishing technology including his lure, “Mr. Wigley.” Similarly, Chocklett’s “Gamechanger” fly pattern has revolutionized fly fishing.. When you watch the way “Mr. Wigley” and the” Gamechanger” move in the water, there’s no doubt they’re speaking the same language to the fish.

As time has passed, Dahlberg and Chocklett have forged a friendship of their own and reflect on “The Ties that Bind” in this Costa Films Original.


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