Karmik Outdoors Presents March Mania


From Karmik Outdoors:

Are you feeling down and depressed? Has this winter been longer than normal? Will spring and fishing ever come? What bugs should I be tying? What bugs should I restock my boxes with? What do trout eat? Who tied the first wooly worm?

If this winter has you feeling trapped and asking questions like the above then Karmik Outdoors and the Fly Fishing 97 podcast have the answer(s) for you! They paired up to bring you a little spirit lifter. They wanted to shine a little optimism your way and give you ideas of bugs to tie or buy this spring for the summer season.

It’s March. That means Spring and basketball. Karmik and The Fly 97 Podcast are doing a March Mania Fly bracket. It’s similar to a college basketball tournament where you make a prediction before the tournament starts and you track your bracket throughout the month of March. LOTS of prizes are being given away for perfect brackets or randomly just because. It’s hard to compare any nymph with any dry or streamer but it’s just for fun and it’s a vote of confidence for your favorite flies. Essentially, if there are two flies in your box, which one are you tying on first? There are more details at Karmik Outdoors blog post look for an in depth discussion of the flies hosted at The Fly Fishing 97 Podcast.

These are 64 of the most popular trout flies going head to head. The fly with the most votes of confidence moves on to the next round. Each matchup has some background information about the flies. Try it here

It’s for fun, prizes and bragging rights. Use it as an opportunity to prove to your fishing buddies that you know more than they do about fly selection. Track your predictions every week as rounds end every Thursday in March then semi and finals are the last week in March. The best fly in the world will be crowned on March 31st.

Prizes include:

Hats and Swag from DNSTRM clothing

Hat from Wes Ashcraft

Fly Boxes from Montana Fly Company

1 of each of the flies mentioned in the bracket tied (mostly) by the hosts Mark and Robert.

5-10-25 pack of decals from Karmik Outdoors

1 year Trout Unlimited membership

LidRig nippers

Fly Fishing Dreams Calendar

Swag from The Fly 97 Podcast and Karmik Outdoors

And More!


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