Cheeky “All-Day” Freshwater Fly Lines are now available


Priced at $59, we’ve tested them this summer, and they held up well, and cast just fine.

This from Cheeky:

Cheeky Fishing developed the All-Day Freshwater Fly Line for those that want outstanding performance without breaking the bank. Fancy jargon and prices north of $120 … no thanks. Designed and manufactured by Cheeky, this fly line fishes all day, all season, and all year no matter how variable the conditions. Say hello to your new go-to fly line.

  • 90 foot length
  • Color: Mint/Stone
  • Aggressive weight-forward taper for easy rod loading
  • Super strong nylon core with no memory
  • Slick coating for effortless casting
  • Welded loops for easy rigging
  • Low stretch for lasting durability
  • Wallet friendly
  • Available in 3wt – 8wt

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