Fly Rods Inspired by Today’s Legends


Snowbee, may be new to the US fly fishing scene, but was founded in 1978 and headquartered in the United Kingdom. Throughout our 40+ year history, we’ve been inspired by our deep roots in British fly fishing traditions, while incorporating today’s innovative technology to create fly fishing gear suited for anglers of all skill levels.

Snowbee Fly Rods

Our fly rods offer the very best performance for anyone new to the sport, to the seasoned fly angler. Through years of continued refinement by our teams in England and the US, and made using the latest advancements in materials and technology, we’ve developed a range of rods with performance that is unmatched at these prices. Every Snowbee fly rod comes with the Snowbee Original Purchaser Lifetime Guarantee.

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Snowbee Signature Series Fly Rods

The Snowbee Signature Series collection was established to bring fly fishing legends to the forefront, highlighting their expertise in angling, and creating rods and gear to their specifications, worthy to have their signature of approval.

Snowbee Signature Series – “Davy Wotton” Wet Fly & Nymph Fly Rod | 10’0 4wt
Snowbee Signature Series – “Denny Rickards” Stillwater Fly Rod | 9’0” 6wt

Prestige G-XS Fly Rods

  • 4-piece ultralight High-Modulus Carbon blanks utilizing space-grade resin technology
  • Fast action with high lift snakes for extreme distance casting
  • Deep bronze finish with matching whippings
  • Anodized silver/gold aluminum reel seat with maple burl wood inserts
  • Cordura® rod tube with matching rod sleeve
  • *Saltwater configurations available

Spectre RMX Fly Rods

  • Blanks made of 40-ton carbon fiber blended with 36-ton to deliver a crisp middle-to-tip action
  • Incorporates American Tackle™ Microwave Stripping Guides
  • New Snowbee proprietary, high-modulus carbon technology
  • Natural finish blanks with a clear matte varnish, and transparent thread coatings
  • Cordura® rod tube with matching rod sleeve
  • *Saltwater configuration available

Diamond2 Fly Rods

  • 4-piece Tri-Modulus Carbon blanks
  • SIC lined stripper rings, high-lift snake guides and oversize tip rings for effortless casting performance
  • Lustrous olive-green stealth finish
  • Uplocking, anodized Diamond reel seat
  • Mid-fast action
  • Cordura® rod tube with matching rod sleeve

Classic Fly Rods

  • Fast action blanks to generate high speed and distance
  • A-grade cork handles
  • Lightweight, black aluminum reel seat
  • Fighting butt extension on #6/7wt rods
  • Lined stripper rings, high-lift snake intermediates and oversized hayfork tip rings
  • Finished in a rich hazel color with matching whippings
  • Cordura® rod tube with matching rod sleeve
  • *Saltwater configurations available

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