All anglers, especially those in the fly business, should check out Anglers Driving Change


You all need to check out “Anglers Driving Change,” an initiative from BUFF (with production support from Flylords) that highlights case histories of people who have endured hardships yet persevered as champions in driving change. It’s really inspirational content that underscores what most of us already know… fly fishing is about so much more than pulling on fish.

This from Buff: “As a brand, BUFF chooses to support organizations whose purpose is making positive change, both to people and the environment. ANGLERS DRIVING CHANGE tells the stories of those whose purpose in life has taken shape, and through hardship of one form or another found their purpose. A collection of anglers from different backgrounds and stories, but with a common goal: CHANGE. These are their stories and the organizations we both support.

Dr. Rene Henery is an expression of all that’s come before him, and all that will follow. From deep behind the battle lines of conservation Rene invites us to consider what it is that divides us and how we can come together. Alongside Trout Unlimited, he seeks to drive change by protecting the fragile waters of the West through information, education, and a shared love for all things wild.

Katie Cahn is the embodiment of perseverance. Through her battle with Cancer, she has dedicated herself to finding ways to uplift those fighting similar battles by utilizing her own experiences. Here, Katie walks us through her story of survival and perseverance, and how alongside Casting for Recovery, she embodies what it really means to be an angler driving change.

The story of Captains, Chris Wittman and Daniel Andrews is one born of necessity – and the belief that two individuals can make a difference. Both are fishing guides turned conservationists, these two decided deciding that the only way to save their local fishery was to take matters into their own hands and fight for it. Their goal – amass a large enough support group so that the lawmakers responsible for protecting their fragile Florida waters would have no choice but to open their eyes, to listen, and enact change to the now undeniable environmental disaster that is unfolding.


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