A really cool book on Corbina…


The world needs more books by humble, yet extremely credible fly-fishing authors on topics that make our sport more accessible and intriguing to anglers.  Al Quattrocchi (we’ll just call him “Q” henceforth) has produced such a book.  “The Corbina Diaries” is the definitive tome on chasing a sacred, difficult species (you think permit are hard?) to be had off the beaches of Southern California.  I was lucky enough to write the intro to this book… but I would not have done so had I not a) deeply respected Q as a hero to the “every-person” angler; b) thought he packed more info in this book than most of us could hope to understand in a lifetime, and c) thought this was an imminently cool frontier that should trip the fancy of any “bucket-lister” fly angler. It’s absolutely beautifully produced.  Honest, credible, and clear.  Jacket reviews come from Jimmy Kimmel, Conway Bowman, Flip Pallot and Enrico Puglisi.  Every Cali. fly angler should own this book, as should the minions of others throughout the country who feel like they might have seen and done it all (or aspire to do so).  This corbina game is some seriously “step-above” stuff.   -KD


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