A Gubernatorial Candidate… in a FLY SHOP?


Wait a minute… if you want to get elected to a major state or national office, you need to put on a hard-hat, and go stand on the drill pad, or smudge your cheeks with coal dust and talk about prosperity, and all the vile environmental regulations that are choking off jobs and commerce, right?

Guess not, because a funny thing happened last Sunday in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, when Colorado gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis (D) stopped into Johnny Spillane’s Steamboat Flyfisher shop to speak to a packed house about the importance of public lands, the viability of outdoor recreation as an economic driver and producer of sustainable jobs (outdoor recreation is in fact bigger than oil and gas in Colorado and many other places in the country), and how keeping water in lakes and rivers and addressing issues like climate change matter.

Angling Trade is lining up an interview with Rep. Polis, and we will report on these views in more detail in the near future. For the record, we also welcome Republican gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapleton to offer up his ideas on how he’d make fly fishing better in Colorado. And if there’s a fly shop out there planning to host Mr. Stapleton for an event (the Polis campaign actually contacted Spillane and the Steamboat Flyfisher, not the other way around), we’d like to hear about it.



  1. Captain Alan Jackson on

    Typical Political ‘buzz words’ “public, sustainable and climate change” instead of “freedom, respect for others, animals and on the land” without more regulations.

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