Former Editor of looking for Work In US


Paul Sharman, the former editor of and the North American Fly Fishing Forums and most recently the Marketing and Communications Manager for England’s Angling Trust, the national governing body for the sport there, has let us know he is in the market for a new position currently in the fishing, outdoors or publishing industries
after his contract ended and would love to move back to the USA permanently
after having 8 years in San Diego from ’99 to ’07.

He has a 25+ year business background that covers many disciplines to
managerial level and is looking for a new career opportunity with a company
that would have to be willing to sponsor a visa application of course. At
the same time he has also been running a successful freelance writing and
photography business as a sideline and you may have seen his work featured
in US magazines like Sport Fishing, Catch, Fin Chasers, Angling Trade plus
many others along with books, websites and newspapers.

You can see more of
his work on his newly re-launched website at

You can get in touch with Paul direct via email at [email protected]
<mailto:[email protected]> if you’d like to start a discussion. He’d
love to hear from you.


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