The Next Angling Trade is Where It All Comes Together


We’ve talked about the elephants in the room, the winners, and the losers.  Now we know what the product mix looks like for 2016.  The next issue of Angling Trade is where we point out what’s going to point the arrow up for dealers next year and beyond.

Be a part of it.  Help the dealers be better at what they do.  Show that you care that they succeed.

Here’s the roster for the next issue:

The WINNERS.  The best products, and the companies/organizations that best have their act together, as observed at IFTD and OR.

Recruiting Consumers.  A hard look at what it’s going to take to not only recruit new customers, but maintain the base we have.

Public Lands.  The biggest issue facing fly fishing these days is the possible loss of millions of acres of public lands and the waters on them… and almost nobody is saying a damn thing about it.

What TU’s “State of the Trout” report really spells out for this industry.
Killing More Elephants.  A follow-up to the popular conversation starter article from the last issue.

“The Undercover Angler” Returns…


Three Ad Spots also remain for the August, 2015 Angling Trade E-Newsletter which will be sent next Thursday, August 25th. The Newsletter will be focused on company news new product releases from the past month.  Sizes, costs and specs can be found here. The inventory that is left is below.

#1 – Top Right Sidebar – Website – 160 X 600px Skyscraper – COST $300
#3  – Right Sidebar  – Newsletter  – 468 x 60px Banner –  COST $200
#5 – Lower Inside Newsletter Copy – 468 x 60px Banner –  COST $100

Let me know if you’re interested ASAP in either the Fall issue of the magazine (closes August 31st) or the August E-Newsletter and I will reserve the space for you.

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