New Underwater Fishing Camera, GoFish Cam, Replaces Photos with Action-Packed Video to Perfect Your Sport




GoFish Cam today announces the first high-definition underwater fishing camera allowing anglers to view the action from an entirely new perspective. Using a 1080 dpi camera, the GoFish Cam securely attaches itself to the fishing line, records the action underwater and sends the video footage to the GoFish app through WiFi. The GoFish app allows users to edit the video and share the footage directly to their social media channels, replacing photos with exciting video footage.

Featuring a 170 degree wide angle view, 150-meter depth, a four-hour battery life, microphone, night vision and infrared lights, the stabilization-enabled GoFish Cam is being designed to be more advanced than any other fishing camera on the market.

Developed by two brothers who love fishing, Brandon and Ryan Austin, the concept for GoFish was invented while on a trip in Trinidad. “We understand that fishermen are very dedicated to what they enjoy, so we want to provide them with a product that enhances their experience,” said Brandon Austin, co-founder and managing partner of GoFish. “We’re improving the art of fishing by providing a means to easily explore what’s happening underwater and a way to learn from that footage.”

The GoFish Cam is available for pre-order for $115 on Kickstarter, and the product will ship in early 2016.

About GoFish

GoFish Cam is a new, patent pending, action-adventure technology coming soon to fishermen and women around the world. Designed specifically for the fishing industry, the GoFish Cam provides anglers with an opportunity to capture and share their underwater fishing experience. The high-definition camera securely attaches to the fishing line and films the underwater perspective of the sport. Armed with cutting-edge technology, the GoFish Cam mobile app allows users to edit short video clips to share all the excitement with their friends on social media.
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