Outdoor Retailer to Announce Near-Term Location for Twice-Yearly Tradeshow, January 22, 2013


From Outdoor Retailer:

Outdoor Retailer (OR) disclosed today its intent to make an announcement on January 22, 2013, about the near-term location of the twice-yearly trade shows. The announcement is scheduled for 4 p.m. at the All Mountain Demo at Solitude Mountain Resort. At that time, Outdoor Retailer staff members will be available to answer further questions.

Both OR Winter Market and OR Summer Market shows are currently scheduled to remain in Salt Lake City through the 2014 calendar year.

Recently, Visit Salt Lake announced they were the recipients of a grant from the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development to help cover costs associated with the building of temporary pavilions that have been part of OR Summer Market for the past several years. Having access to sufficient exhibit space is one of a number of issues of concern to the outdoor community, as highlighted in the “Collective Voice” industry-wide survey project administered jointly by OR and the Outdoor Industry Association.

Outdoor Retailer appreciates the ongoing efforts of city, county and state officials related to keeping the Winter Market and Summer Market trade shows in Utah. Providing a viable solution to the facility’s current size restraints is one of the many concerns Outdoor Retailer faces as it makes a decision about the future location of the semi-annual trade shows.


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