Freehand Fly Fishing’s Medium Fly Box with Built-In Fresnel Magnifying Lens


From Freehand Fly Fishing:

Freehand Fly Fishing (, a small innovative fly fishing accessories manufacturer, and on-line wholesaler and retailer, located in Kirkland, Washington offers a one-of-a-kind unique type of lightweight clear, high impact resistant plastic fly box.

It’s called the “Magnifly”, and the patent pending design has a built-in flat Fresnel magnifying lens in the clear fly box lid. The lens provides two to four power magnification, depending upon focal length from the fly. It’s an ingenious way to avoid carrying reading glasses for older anglers, whose eyes are not what they used to be. The Magnifly boxes come in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

A high quality, adjustable snap-off lanyard is also provided, so the fly box can be worn suspended around the neck, making it a hands-free fly box. The Magnifly also has clever back-stops, built into the clear lid and body of the box to prevent the lensed lid from falling forward more than ninety degrees when suspended open around the neck from the lanyard.

Magnifly boxes come in either ripple foam or magnetic floor, too. The Fresnel lens is held firmly onto the inside of the clear box lid via removable polycarbonate bolts and nuts, so it can be replaced if scratched or damaged over time. And you guessed it. Freehand sells replaceable lenses with matching plastic bolts and nuts, too. Retail prices for Magnifly fly boxes range from $12.95 to $18.95, depending upon size and type of floor.


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