2012 Presidential Candidates Comment on Anglers’ Issues


From KeepAmericaFishing.org

You rarely hear the presidential candidates speak to recreational fishing while on the campaign trail so to provide insight into each of the candidate’s views on issues important to you, we asked each candidate eight questions.

At KeepAmericaFishing, we want our nation’s anglers – such as you – to be informed, united with one voice and participating in the issues that concern recreational fishing both locally and nationally. We hope the responses provide you some insight about the candidates’ views on issues that impact recreational fishing and give you a basis to judge which candidate best serves the interests of you, the angler.

We encourage you to both vote on November 6 and continue to voice your viewpoint to policy makers on recreational fishing issues through KeepAmericaFishing.

Click here to hear the Candidates viewpoints on Angler’s Issues


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