Fishpond Westwater Rolling Duffel


Yeah, it’s cool if you leave it out in the rain… The fishpond rolling duffel.

We’ve been waiting for fishpond to get into the waterproof arena, and the company has with several very nice designs, including the Westwater Rolling Duffel  ($389.95).  Actually, the company won’t claim “waterproof” because, though the fabrics used to construct this bag are indeed waterproof, the zippers are only rated “highly water-resistant.”

So don’t sink the bag in a lake and expect your socks to stay dry.  But go ahead and leave it on the tarmac while you’re waiting for your bush flight to take off in an Alaskan squall.  Carry it on a boat.  Walk it up the sidewalk in a the sleet… you’ll be fine.  This will be a hot seller among serious traveling anglers.


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