New Fly Lines From Orvis


The new Orvis Hydros fly line series is a complete re-engineering of the structure of their fly lines, using new technology for increased performance. The Hydros has been re-engineered using new tapers, coatings, diameters, Hy-Flote Tip technology, innovative new welded loops, and ISS slickness additives to create an entirely new generation of high-performance Orvis fly line. The series includes the Orvis exclusive Hydros 3D microtextured lines that significantly reduce friction, improve flotation, and eliminate tangling. In addition, Orvis has reduced the carbon footprint of their lines by eliminating plastic packaging and replacing it with biodegradable spools and packaging, as well as adding fly line ID so identification is quick and easy.

Common to all the new lines, except the textured lines, is a new coating named Wonderline Nexgen. This coating, a proprietary Orvis innovation, improves slickness by 20% over their previous Wonderlines, which were already known as the slickest in the industry. The slicker the fly line, the easier it is to pick up off the water, for more delicate deliveries, more pleasing casting, and better shooting ability. It was found that the coating detracts from the extreme shooting ability of the three new Micro-Textured lines, so these three lines do not have the new coating but a standard coating that interacts better with the textured surface.

Also common to every Orvis fly line is a new welded loop construction method that slices one side of the loop on a bias and adds a knurled surface to the other side, which greatly increases the surface area of the weld for better strength. It also makes a thinner, more streamlined loop for better energy transition to the leader and thus better presentation.

All Orvis Hydros floating lines have been improved for much greater tip flotation. New glass micro balloons added to the coating on the floating lines are filled with methane/butane, which lowers the specific gravity of the coating from .90 on previous Wonderlines (which used air-filled glass microballooons) to .82 in the new Hydros lines. Tip diameters have also been very slightly increased (from .001” to .005” larger in diameter depending on line size and type) to further increase their flotation. This means that less of the fly line is in contact with the water, which results in easier casting and pickup, easier line mending, and reduced drag when a drag-free drift is required.

Three new Orvis lines incorporate the Hydros 3D Micro-Texturing process, which traps air to provide superior shooting ability and floatation while eliminating line flash and vastly reducing friction. All of this comes with the added benefit of increased durability, and these lines last up to twice as long as a standard fly line. Because of the increased surface area, this line sits higher in the water offering less drag, easier mending and roll casting, better pick-ups, and less water spray. These lines are best for fishing conditions where long casts are the primary consideration, and are offered in a WF Trout version, a Bonefish version, and on the running line of the Orvis Depth Charge lines—distance sinking lines which cast like shooting heads but have better line control and fewer tangles than shooting heads.

All of the new Orvis lines feature a permanent line marker on the line itself, which enable anglers to tell what type of line and what line size is on a reel. Plus, spools used to package all Orvis fly lines are now made of recycled paper and are not only recyclable, they can be composted.

Hydros 3D Trout Line

A completely redesigned fly line, with micro-textured surface to reduced friction, a new Hy-Flote tip design with a special tapered weld for a stronger, higher-floating tip, line ID laser etched on every line, and new taper. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $89.

Hydros 3D Bonefish Line

Another completely redesigned fly line, with micro-textured surface to reduce friction, a new Hy-Flote tip design with a special tapered weld for a stronger higher-floating tip, line ID laser etched on every line, and new taper. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $89.


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