NFSP Teaches Kids How to Cast with CasTarget


One of the most important product categories in fly fishing these days encompasses products specifically designed to help teach kids to fish and enjoy their time on the water.  Whether you have a grandchild, a son or daughter, a neighbor, or someone else (of any age, really), with whom you’d like to share a passion for fly fishing, CasTarget (which won best youth product at IFTD) is probably worth checking out.

It is a patented system that the National Fishing in Schools Program (NFSP) uses as a teaching aid.  Trust me, it’s a lot of fun to play around with, no matter what your skill level.  The target (obviously) is designed to help hone casting.  But it also can include different fish species targets (real shapes) that can be “caught” via flies that stick to a special Velcro loop material.

You should have seen some of the best casters in the world at IFTD playing around (like kids) with this target system, which is far more fun, and far more interesting than a hula hoop on a grass lawn.  Retail ranges from $7 to $80, depending on how many target pieces you buy.


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