Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company in Dallas, TX. Looking for Retail Specialist


Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company is a fly shop with a tenured travel department located in Dallas, Texas.  We are seeking a qualified salesperson with some fly fishing and retail experience.  The position available is called a “Retail Specialist”, however other routine responsibilities also would exist in assisting with the travel and education departments.

Although not necessary, experience with casting instruction and fly fishing education would be an added bonus both in terms of securing the available position – but also in terms of increasing possible income for employee.

This position starts out at a full time hourly wage and can evolve to a full time salaried position based upon performance and commitment.   Our travel business has been in operation for eleven years, while our retail division launched in May 2007.  As we are a relatively new company, there is tremendous upside for growth, compensation, and responsibility for self starting and high performance employees in our retail, travel, and education departments.

Available Position Description:  Retail Specialist
A retail specialist at Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company must have knowledge of all workings on the front sales floor along with the following:

·         Product Knowledge
·         Knowledge of basic knots
·         Telephone Skills
·         Customer Service
·         Knowledge of web-store items
·         Register Sales Procedures
·         Point of Sale Procedures
·         E-mail Procedures
·         Customer Data Entry
·         Processing Back-Orders
·         Shipping Procedures
·         Order Filling Procedures
·         Special Orders Procedures
·         Direct Customer Sales
·         Knowledge of Tracking Packages
·         Claims Procedures
·         Returns Policies
·         Basic Knowledge of Travel Programs & Destinations as well as equipment / tackle  used for destinations.
·         Knowledge of Upcoming Events
·         Computer Skills
·         Vouchering Packages
·         Monitoring Receiving
·         SEO / Blog Contribution

All retail specialists will also assist in keeping the store neat and clean.  This includes vacuuming, dusting, emptying the garbage’s, and the cleaning of the bathroom when it is dirty.  Employees will assist in receiving, display, and stocking during periods of peak activity and as necessary.  All employees must have knowledge of how the internet works and have basic computer skills.

They must also assist in pricing and stocking of all products, identify and assist in eliminating overstock items, and call to the inventory manager’s attention all out of stock, over stock, slow moving and problem items.  He/She also must monitor price level changes and shipping costs accrued from back-ordered merchandise.

Other Skills/Qualifications:
•    Fly fishing enthusiast
•    Creative, strong leadership and management skills
•    Good planning and implementation skills

•    Strong communication and interpersonal skills
•    Good customer service skills

•    Outgoing, persuasive, success-oriented personality

•    College education or equivalent knowledge and maturity

Reporting Relationship

•    Reports directly to the owners and shop manager

•    1st Quarter of Employment:  Full time hourly position at $9-$12 an hour based upon credential and experience.
•    Second Quarter of Employment:  Base salary of $20,000 – $30,000 gross pay 
•    Additional possible income from casting lessons / instructions upwards of $5,000+ annually
•    Performance/Experienced based participation with Travel Department.

To Apply:
•    Submit resume and references along with a brief explanation of why you would like this position and how you would benefit Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company to:

David Leake
2416 McKinney Ave
Dallas, TX 75201
(214) 219-2500
[email protected]


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