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Loop in Troubled Waters?

Swedish tackle manufacturer Loop Tackle Design AB is undergoing reconstruction, part of which involves offering companies to which it owes money (including Angling Trade), 25 cents on the dollar for its outstanding debts.  Creditors were advised via letter that failure to accept a 75% reduction in payment increases the risk of Loop going bankrupt.  We’ll keep you posted on any developments as they unfold…

Utah Stream Access Fight Goes On

The fly fishing industry might get a “do-over” after having dropped the ball on Utah H.B. 141, which severely depleted public access on many of the state’s public trout streams.  The Utah Stream Access Coalition filed suit on November 12 in state court in Wasatch County, challenging the constitutionality of Utah’s Public Waters Access Act.

The Coalition’s complaint names as defendants the owners of Victory Ranch, a Wasatch County development selling luxury home sites offering exclusive access to more than four miles of the Provo River, one of Utah’s premier, publicly-funded blue ribbon trout fisheries.  The suit also names as defendants the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and Wasatch County Sheriff Todd Bonner, two agencies charged with enforcement of the Act.

Whether or not your business is directly influenced by the Utah stream access issue (odds are, you do have customers who fish there), it is important to support the cause, as it involves a precedent that could have wide-reaching ramifications.

“Donations are for legal fees, expert witnesses, etc.; for clarity purposes, nobody on our end is making any money, actually, it costs us money out of pocket,” explained USAC’s Bryan Gregson. “We raised almost $30,000 last year, somehow. We basically pounded our local anglers, a few companies like William Joseph and Thingamabobber tossed in some larger cash donations, and our lobbyist decided he’d accept product donations (wanted to start fishing) so a few companies like RIO helped out, but other than that, its been the few rather than the many.”

Go to the group’s website… and urge your trade association to engage in this issue.

More December Angling Trade News…

Orvis Goes Mobile

The Orvis Company announced the launch of a mobile-optimized website that creates a unique shopping experience. Now, customers can easily and conveniently purchase the finest items and services available from Orvis on their mobile device – anytime and anywhere. Through Digby’s Mobile Commerce Software Platform, Orvis’ mobile channel complements their e-Commerce website, catalogs, and stores. Orvis’ mobile channel now reaches all 60 retail locations in the U.S. and U.K. and 350 Orvis dealers worldwide.

Korkers Wins Dealer’s Choice

Korkers Products was presented the Dealer’s Choice award at the Internationl Fly Tackle Dealer show in Denver, Colorado for its new CHROME wading boot featuring hydraphobic materials, true-fit sizing and the new patented 3.0 OmniTrax Interchangeable sole system.  The flagship OmniTrax technology has been re-engineered and redesigned for ease of use and enhanced traction while providing a unique solution to fighting invasive species.  Upgrades incorporated into OmniTrax 3.0 system include the elimination of the tool previously used to change the outsole, a full perimeter of traction and a wider protective plate for support and stability.

“The CHROME Boot is the latest Korkers wading boot utilizing innovative technology to optimize our consumers fly fishing and angling experiences,” said Korkers CEO Sean Beers.  “We know from direct angler feedback and wear test trial that anglers will love this boot. We are confident that the coveted Dealers Choice award will bring this great new style to the attention of even more anglers.”

AT Field Test: Fenix Lighting Headlamps and Flashlights

We were recently sent a sampling of Fenix lighting headlamps and flashlights, specifically the LD15 flashlight (suggested retail $44.95) and HP10 headlamp (suggested retail $67.95). I thought both functioned extremely well and for the cost were very impressed with the quality. The HP10 is claimed to be the worlds brightest headlamp that runs off AA batteries at 225 lumens, and features four different levels of output, allowing you to dim the light as low as 7 lumens, which will run for up to 210 hours. This sucker IS bright too…more than any headlamp I’ve ever worn. It’s a touch heavy on the battery compartment, but overall a great backcountry accessory for any fishing situation.  See for more details. –Tim Romano

The Guy Harvey Foundation and The Humane Society of the United States team up with the Shark-Free Marinas Initiative For Historic Campaign; fishpond’s John Le Coq Advises the SFMI Team

Beginning in October, the Shark-Free Marina Initiative has embarked on its largest membership campaign throughout the United States and the Bahamas in order to save sharks. Sharks are disappearing from our oceans at an alarming rate. Therefore, the Guy Harvey Foundation, The Humane Society of the United States, and various other organizations have teamed up with the Shark-Free Marina Initiative (SFMI) for a singular, historic purpose: to reduce worldwide shark mortality. SFMI certifies sport fishing and resort marinas as ? Shark-Free’ thereby prohibiting any shark from being landed at their dock. The SFMI team is being advised by Dr. Bob Hueter, Director of Shark Research at the Mote Marine Laboratory and John Le Coq, co-founder of Fishpond USA.

“SFMI works directly with the recreational and commercial fishing community to send a clear message,” says Luke Tipple, Managing Director and SFMI founder. “As shark populations are decimated on a global scale we as a species are obligated to pay attention and reduce our wasteful destruction of these incredibly important animals.”

Dr. Guy Harvey, Founder of the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, supports SFMI with more than just words.”We put our money where our mouth is,” says Dr. Harvey.”Our Big Game Fishing Marina is completely shark free. No caught sharks can be landed here.” Dr. John Grandy, senior vice president, The Humane Society of the United States, enthusiastically supports the SFMI campaign. According to Dr. Grandy: “Although shark finning and commercial fishing are responsible for the majority of worldwide shark mortality figures, this campaign to encourage hundreds of marinas to go shark free can save tens of thousands of sharks each year and change perceptions about this much maligned creature.”


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  1. It is good to see this magazine bringing forward some of the early news on major tackle trends and equally, some of the less than good news that fly anglers around the world should know. Unfortunately here in Australia, the vox populi is often drowned out by a small consortium of those “in the trade” that would rather protect themselves that give the fly angler an insight into what may well be a considered factor in their next gear purchase.

    Well done…and tell the world? We have tried on several forum boards…even ones that we advertise with and sponsor. Funny how the moderators of even these blogs and more traditional forms of communication would rather that we, the people of the United Fly Fishers of the World, remain silent.

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