EFTTA opens waiting list for EFTTEX



Companies that have not secured a stand for EFTTEX 2011 can apply to join the official waiting list for the show. EFTTA is offering the service to disappointed applicants following the announcement that the show has completely sold out. But those companies still hoping to be at the show in Amsterdam in June are also being urged to look at alternative ways to promote themselves to buyers, including taking up one of the many sponsorship opportunities within the hall.

Says EFTTEX Manager Neena Tailor: “We are in a unique situation with the show being completely sold out eight months in advance. We fully understand there are companies that desperately want to be in Amsterdam with us next year so we have opened up a waiting list in case spaces do become available.

“There is, of course, no guarantee, but if you are still interested in exhibiting next year, please do contact us and we will provide you with all the information you need. Once we receive your requirements for your stand, we will keep you on the waiting list. If anything suitable does become free we will be sure to let you know.”

Sponsoring a show feature would be a powerful – and perhaps better – alternative to waiting for a stand to become free, adds Neena. Companies can sponsor the Visitor Registration area, the Visitor Lounge and the EFTTEX Business Centre among others, all key sites where visitors congregate and spend time during the show.

“We do have sponsorship options available for EFTTEX which will allow you to have exposure for your company with your company logo displayed prominently in the area you are sponsoring. Depending on the type of package you take, you could also display your literature and even some of your products.

“If you are not able to have a stand at EFTTEX, sponsorship is a powerful alternative which enables you to promote your brand in other ways. Better still, these opportunities are open to you right now, which makes them an even more attractive proposition compared to waiting for a cancellation that may never happen in order to secure a stand.” Companies wishing to be EFTTEX sponsors should note that they need to be members of EFTTA or reciprocal members to be eligible to apply.

One final option, says EFTTA, is to arrange to co-exhibit with a company already booked for EFTTEX. Adds Neena: “By co-exhibiting at EFTTEX you will enjoy the same exposure as any other exhibitor. If you do know any exhibitors or work with any exhibitors that would be happy to share their stand with you, it makes a really good option. However, as with sponsorship, you must be a member of EFTTA or a reciprocal member.”
EFTTEX 2011 marks the 30th anniversary of Europe‘s leading trade show. The show is returning to Amsterdam after a break of ten years and the location has proved to be a popular choice amongst the trade.

“The surge in bookings shows that tackle companies are now realising how important EFTTEX is for exposing their products and generating future business,” says Neena. “Amsterdam and its RAI Centre venue have also proved to be a popular choice with participants.”

For details on EFTTEX sponsorship opportunities or to add your company name to the EFTTEX waiting list contact [email protected]


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