Ian McKenzie of Fulling Mill to retire


After 17 years as Technical Manager at world class fly company Fulling Mill, Ian McKenzie – well known and highly respected throughout the industry – has announced that he is to retire on 31st December 2010.

Ian joined Fulling Mill on 6th December 1993, bringing his immense fly tying skills and knowledge to the company. During the years that followed, he has been right at the forefront of quality fly development, and Managing Director Barry Unwin rates him as one of the most skilled and technically perfect fly dressers in the world. There is no doubt that those skills, as well as Ian’s commitment, reliability, loyalty and supreme work ethic have helped Fulling Mill retain its position right at the top of the ladder of high quality fishing fly manufacturers.

Having been a passionate fly fisher since childhood, Ian came to the fly manufacturing business following a long career in the motor trade culminating in running his own business for many years in Twickenham. He is well known, liked and respected throughout the fly fishing community, and as a long time team member at Fishing For Fun he has achieved huge success on the competition circuit. Many others will know him for his hugely interesting, helpful and informative fly tying demonstrations around the UK over the years.

Barry says that the company will miss him sorely, but he is confident that Ian’s legacy will continue to help drive the company forwards, and that his understudy for the past few years, Steve Carew, is well able to take the baton and run with it. He goes on to explain that in view of the company’s continued growth, Fulling Mill will recruit an operations manager to work alongside Steve and who will take on many of the jobs that Ian had accumulated buy xanax no script over the years. (If you think you’ve ‘got it’ then it might be worth giving Barry a call!)

After joking (we think) that he’d have “got less time for murder”, Ian commented, “Seventeen years ago, having left the ‘Motor Trade Mad House’ and joined Fulling Mill, I used to wonder how I was going to fill my days, but today there just aren’t enough hours in the day – including weekends! But I’m ready for a change now, ready to slow down a little, with some free time to develop other interests, and maybe even get back to fishing on a regular basis! It has been an adventure, and I am proud of my contribution to the successes at Fulling Mill over the years, but whilst it may be the end of an era for me, I have no doubt that things will continue onwards and upwards for the company. For those who haven’t met or spoken to Steve Carew, my understudy of the past few years, be assured! He’s a very skilful and accomplished fly tyer, has an excellent knowledge of most aspects of fly fishing, enthusiasm to match, and will be able to help with any technical problems.”

Barry chuckled at Ian’s comment about ‘slowing down’! Having known and worked together with Ian both in the motor and fly fishing trades for most of their working lives now, he has some doubts that Ian will ever ‘slow down’! He added that the company would inevitably be calling upon Ian’s skills regularly, and that he was certain that Ian would continue to contribute at fishing tackle shows and fairs.


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