Flymen Fishing Company Launches the Fish Skull


Charlotte, NC, USA – April 9, 2010 – Flymen Fishing Company today announced the launch of the Fish-Skull™ range of weighted heads for streamer flies.

Quick-and-simple to tie, this latest innovation in fly tying offers fly fishermen an exciting alternative to using old-style dumbbells or cones to weight their flies. The Fish-Skull’s unique design features, sizes and colors make it a very versatile platform for tying a wide variety of realistic, weighted streamer patterns using natural or synthetic fly tying materials.

“We are very excited to add the Fish-Skull™ to our growing portfolio of products. It clearly demonstrates our company’s focus on designing and selling innovative products for the weighted fly market,” said Martin Bawden of Flymen Fishing Company. “Over the last few years we’ve built a reputation amongst the fly fishing community for our leading Nymph-Head™ brand of tungsten fly tying beads, and we believe Fish-Skull™ offers our customers another best-of-breed product for the streamer segment of the fly tying market.”

Fish-Skull™ and Nymph-Head™ are available through authorized fly shops and outdoor retailers, as well as the Flymen Fishing Company website. For more information visit

Flymen Fishing Company
10612-D Providence Rd, #549
North Carolina, 28277
United States
Press Contact
Martin Bawden
[email protected]

Fish-Skull™ and Nymph-Head™ are the registered trademarks of Flymen Fishing Company in the United States.


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