Holiday Gifts?


There are no better “outside-the-box” options to suggest than original license plate art pieces by Cody Richardson

Cody is cooking up some pretty cool options these days, such as:

Mixed western states trout ($300), sized 35 inches wide by 21 inches tall. Customers can request certain states and arrangements of the license plates

Antique brown trout ($550), sized 50 inches wide by approximately 23 inches tall. Customer request are always available. This trout is also available in all Colorado, Idaho, Arkansas, Montana, Wyoming, etc.

Mix Western states mayfly, sized 36 inches wide by 30 inches tall. Available in many different states and completely customizable ($450)

The four-foot mix western trout ($600) is 48 inches wide by 32 inches tall.

And he’s also producing a fly rod rack with license plate artwork, which can be made out of walnut, white oak, or hickory. Customer can specify if they want five or six levels for their fly rods. Each level holds up to two fly rods so the rack will hold 10 or 12 rods if desired. Artwork on the head is also completely customizable. For more information contact Cody Richardson, via, or call 720-206-9614.


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