New Performance Sunglasses from Bajío for Summer 2021


Bajío is the Spanish word for the shallows, that part of the ocean that sits between the land and the deep blue. It is the connection zone, teeming with life. It’s the nursery of the ocean where most sea creatures are born and raised.

This is the world in which we live and from which we take our name. Bajío strives to improve the quality of life for the world’s saltwater flats, the eco-systems they support, and the communities that depend on them.

Sunglasses are the heart of Bajío – fresh eyes for long days on the water. Lightweight bio-based nylon frames paired with blue light blocking polarized lenses for the perfect fishing solution. Bajío sunglasses are made with sustainability at the forefront, using plant-based materials in their frames, and high-quality glass lenses built to filter out the bad and enhance the good.

Bajío lenses reduce how much harmful blue light reaches your eyes. About 95% in fact. Less blue light. Less haze. Less strain and fatigue. Fresh eyes for long days on the water. 

You hear a lot of talk these days about the harmful effects of blue light. And rightly so. Computer screens, smart phones and LED lights are big producers, and we all log a lot of time in front of them everyday.

But it’s not the little screens that pose the biggest threat. It’s that giant yellow globe in the sky. The sun produces more blue light than any other source. And for those of us who spend more time on the water than on the couch, that’s something to note.

Our LAPIS lens technology enables our lenses to block blue light when you’re in the sun, keeping your eyes fresh and your vision clear. Fresh eyes for a rich life.

Customers are able to choose from six custom-developed lens colors, each designed for specific light conditions and environments—featuring the latest in lens technology and providing a visual experience that is second to none.


The Boneville is up for any adventure. Scanning for ripples, soaking up the views, or enjoying the satisfaction of the day’s catch at happy hour, the Boneville is designed to get out there and make the most of every day.

This fashionable and functional bio-based nylon frame is suited to medium-to-large faces. Bajío’s LAPIS polarized lens technology reduces blue light transmission to let you stay on the water longer with less eye strain.




    So great to put Floridians back to work building sunglasses! No better development and testing ground than to be based in New Smyrna Beach, FL. Dealers…no big box as they truly believe in the specialty retailer model.

  2. Just bought a pair today, great quality and awesome workmanship from this company! Trying to represent a new brand and get the word out there! Well Worth it for these high quality glasses !

  3. Frank Williams on

    I bought a pair a month ago, I fish the Mosquito Lagoon. These are without a doubt the best sunglasses I have ever owned. I’m near 70 so I have had a lot of sunglasses. No more tired eyes or squinting. Outstanding glasses.

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