New Fly Shop in Florida Looking for Media Manager


Title: Media Manager & Fly Shop Employee

Salary Range: $35,000-$40,000

Location: Marathon, FL

Job Status: Full Time Employee

Start Date: January 1, 2021

Job Description: A bridge does more than connect land over water; it is an identity that fuels movement, adventure, and growth from one place to another. Seven Mile Fly Shop was born and built on the strong foundations of the Florida Keys fly fishing community. We are a premier outfitter and full service fly shop, but moreso, we are passionate anglers, conservationists, and stewards of our environment. We are artists, guides, and everyday people of the Florida Keys community. This position is not a 9-5 job. The “average” week or day will not be the same as the last, and could range from several days of filming, photographing, and producing on the water content, to organizing and stocking our product, and assisting in community events, such as gallery openings, casting and fly tying classes, and guest speakers and demos. The prospective employee will primarily use this opportunity as the canvas to improve their artistry and marketing skills, with retail help acting as the frame. Your schedule and hours will vary depending on several variables: some days, our store manager will ask you to get on the water footage of our clients, guides, and our fishery. Other days, you may be asked to stay late to help set up for an event. Seven Mile Fly Shop aims to curate a relaxed atmosphere conducive to creation, strong community, and welcoming of all anglers, regardless of skill or experience. In addition to this, we encourage and expect our employees to have knowledge of the fishery, so if a tide looks right for tailing fish at a certain time, we want you to feel comfortable asking for time to dedicate to fishing, as long as all the work that has to be done has been done. We also do not expect this to come overnight, and are glad to teach. We look forward to hearing from you!

General Responsibilities:

  • Fully run all social media accounts (Youtube, Facebook, Email, Instagram)
  • Create daily content for Seven Mile Fly Shop’s website, social media, promotional use, and clientele
  • Weekly photo and video assignments (on the water, daily shop content, events and classes, social media content)
  • Fly Shop responsibilities (product knowledge, rigging, customer service, retail duties)

Required Skills: 

  • Professional photo & video experience (must own all camera equipment, software, and production equipment)
  • Interest in growing as a photographer and videographer and a willingness to be coached and get out of your comfort zone
  • Proficient in handling technology – from register, social media, and beyond
  • Great communicator and outgoing personality

Desired Skills (Not Required, But A Plus):

  • Previous fly shop/retail experience
  • Prior knowledge of local fishery/saltwater fly fishing

Email your cover letter, artistic portfolio and resume to [email protected]


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