Loon Outdoors Looking for Director of Marketing


From Loon Outdoors:

At Loon, we believe the small, steady steps we take as a company will add up. We believe that making great products, helping the people around us, and minimizing our environmental impact all come down to consistently showing up and doing the little stuff well and with intention.

Loon Outdoors is looking to expand our team and hire a Director of Marketing. Good stories are told one step at a time, and we have worked hard to strengthen Loon as a brand with a recognizable product and identity. The Director of Marketing would be someone who believes in our values and guides a clear and consistent story while making sure that story is heard by as many people as possible.

What you’ll do:
• Create and implement an annual marketing strategy that is consistent with the Loon brand and values and is relevant to the fly fishing industry.

• Plan, manage and execute our content calendar to align with marketing strategy
• Work with our creative team in the creation of marketing assets (photos, videos, educational resources, ads, etc.) to bring our product and brand narrative to life.
• Identify and work with media partners to execute marketing strategy.
• Create and execute digital strategy including but not limited to media partner ads and digital ads.
• Work with our creative and content team to drive marketing/brand objectives like website content, journal content, fly tying videos, tailgate talks, etc.
• Work with and manage our ambassador program for brand awareness, community engagement and to meet marketing and brand strategies.
• Coordinate all PR and media relations strategies, including paid and earned media.

Who you are:
• A Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing or related field; can be compensated by relevant work experience.
• A proven track record of creating and executing marketing strategies.
• An understanding of fly fishing as a sport and an industry.
• Experience working with internal teams and external partners to develop and execute impactful marketing campaigns.
• Strong sense of brand awareness, product and market knowledge.
• Ability to work independently while maintaining a strong sense of teamwork.
• Self-starter with creative approach toward problem solving

We are too small of a team to hire for skills alone. We need a teammate who is:

• Up for challenging tasks
• Willing to take on new roles as needed
• Shows a sense of personal responsibility for the success of the brand
• Always does their best work
• Does not settle, always seeing room for improvement and growth.
• Does not need someone looking over their shoulder

• Up for mundane tasks
• Gladly shares credit for team success
• Willingly accepts feedback
• Readily hears input from teammates

• Aware of how words and actions affect those around them.
• Prioritizes the health of the team over the accomplishment of goals.
• Can communicate with teammates effectively.
• Cares about the rest of the team as individuals.

Do you think this sounds like you and you are excited about working for Loon Outdoors and being part of the fly fishing industry, we would love to hear from you. Please send your information as well as a cover letter and resume to [email protected]


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