RepYourWater Aims to Donate $50K to Conservation Partners in 2017

RepYourWater Aims to Donate $50K to Conservation Partners in 2017!

By: Rick Crawford of Emerger Strategies

Did you know that RepYourWater has kicked over $70,000 to its conservation partners since its inception six years ago?  And now, they are raising the bar by setting an ambitious goal to donate $50,000 in 2017 towards their nonprofit partners! If you are not familiar with RepYourWater, they are a premiere fly fishing brand co-founded by husband and wife business partners, Corinne and Garrison Doctor.  They are a Colorado based company that is:

dedicated to providing uniquely designed, top quality gear for anglers and hunters while increasing support of local conservation and inspiring exploration.”

RepYourWater is able to give back to their nonprofit conservation partners by donating a percentage of sales from their apparel to a variety of nonprofit partners ranging from Bonefish Tarpon Trust to local chapters of Trout Unlimited.

50% of proceeds goes to

RepYourWater certainly exemplifies putting their money where their mouth is, but did you also know that they use their brand to educate their customers about important conservation issues?  Case in point, they have a great “Calls to Action” page on their website where you can simply and easily contact your local government representatives to let them know you disapprove of policies which negatively impact our fisheries and hunting lands.

50% of proceeds goes to Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska

One could make the argument that because RepYourWater designs conservation-minded apparel, educates its customers about important issues related to our fisheries and donates money towards conservation nonprofits that they are an authentic brand.  But what makes RepYourWater even more authentic is that they are working towards minimizing the environmental impact of their operations, so they don’t just talk the talk with a “Calls to Action” page, or simply stroke checks to conservation for PR purposes.

RepYourWater actually walks the walk by reducing the amount of greenhouse (GHG) emissions their business emits, because GHG’s contribute to climate change which negatively effect fisheries through ocean acidification and warmer stream temperatures.  RepYourWater is also minimizing its environmental footprint by reducing waste and conserving water because they understand that the long-term success of their business is dependent upon healthy fisheries and conserving resources is a responsible way to conduct business.  However, what I love most about RepYourWater is that they measure the success of their business not by how much money they can make, but by how much they can give.  RepYourWater demonstrates its values through its actions, which is why RepYourWater has set a goal to give $50,000 to its conservation partners in 2017.

RepYourWater co-founder, Corinne Doctor, with a beautiful brown trout (and sweet lid!).

Why is giving back to RepYourWater’s conservation partners so important?  Here’s what Corinne Doctor had to say when I asked her this very question:

“We believe that it is paramount as a business in an industry that relies on the outdoors to make a difference for the places where we recreate.  Our conservation partners are out there doing the work both on the ground and at a policy level that are ensuring we all have wild places to fish and hunt for years to come.  We are proud to be able to support their work on a financial and awareness level.”

What can you do to ensure RepYourWater achieves their giving goal?  Well, you can visit their Calls to Action page on their website to make your voice is heard about important conservation issues, and while you are on their site, you can support a nonprofit conservation organization that aligns with your own values by buying RepYourWater gear.  Or, you can head into your local fly shop, support a local business and purchase a gift that makes a difference for that conservation-minded hunter or angler in your family, all while helping RepYourWater to achieve its goal of donating $50K towards conservation by simply voting with your dollars and supporting a brand that cares.

Kudos to RepYourWater for all that they do to making sure future generations are able to enjoy hunting and fishing, and I’ll be picking up the Georgia Cold Water Edition trucker hat knowing that 1% will be donated to Trout Unlimited’s Southeast Conservation Project!


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