Monic Fly Lines Hires Tatarchuk as Business and Product Manager


Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.59.19 AMFrom Monic:

Flow Tek, Inc. of Boulder, manufacturers of Monic Fly Lines since 1995, hires Steve Tatarchuk as their Business and Product Manager. Tatarchuk’s role is to bring Monic’s product line of eco-friendly, PVC-free, patented fly lines to fly fishing markets both domestic and abroad. Monic is known for developing many technologies that are used in today’s most popular fly lines including: the first clear-floating fly line, the first seamless phantom tip fly line, the first environmentally friendly fly line, the first low stretch fly line, and the first fly line with strength ratings over 70 pounds.

Tatarchuk’s history in the fly fishing industry includes high-level purchasing and sales positions as well as business development with fly fishing companies both large and small. “The fly fishing industry is a complex market that sees constant adjustments from year to year,” states Tatarchuk. “We are all close, we all know each other, and we all have very similar goals—to bring the best product to market and help people catch fish. Monic is perfectly poised to offer anglers an alternative fly line that is eco-friendly, unrivaled in performance, and a simpler choice among so many options,” adds Tatarchuk. “Monic’s fly lines are formulated to work in both tropical and ultra-cold water conditions. This saves the angler a lot of time, money, and space. There’s merit to that!”

Monic Fly Lines are fully manufactured in the USA with facilities located at the foot of the Flatirons in Boulder, CO. The goal of the business is to create the best fly lines on the market, and give back to fly fishing as much as it gives to its anglers. All Monic fly lines have always been 100 percent PVC-free and are an eco-friendly alternative to vinyl or polyurethane.

For more information and dealership inquiries, contact Monic Fly Lines at 303-530-3050 or send an email to [email protected].


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