New GEOBASS Episode Follows Anglers on Red Bass Adventure



The GEOBASS around-the-world epic bass fishing adventure goes far to the crystal blue waters of Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean for the latest episode, premiering today online at This time on an oceanic quest for red bass, the GEOBASS four decide to bring along a fifth wheel: a greenhorn college student from the University of the South in Sewannee, Tenn., Jared Zissu, winner of the GEOBASS “Casting Call” contest.

After an exhaustive-yet-somewhat-futile research attempt on the red bass species, the anglers set out on their journey, only to be waylaid by debilitating stomach illness. The team powers through, despite rough weather and unsanitary conditions, with one goal in mind: to find and catch the red bass on fly.

The newbie Jared learns quickly fishing in saltwater is a completely different game from the freshwater trout streams where he cut his teeth. But while the experienced anglers work to show him the ropes, Jared proves victorious by overcoming the illnesses that quickly take his mentors down.

Along the way, the group encounters huge schools of bonefish and milkfish, and tries their hand at landing some giant trevally (GTs).

“We weren’t sure if the kid was going to be able to hang with us,” said Thad Robison, GEOBASS angler. “But he quickly proved himself – after a few learning curves – and showed us he had what it took to be part of our journey.”

Viewers can catch all of the GEOBASS action at Season One DVDs are also now available to catch up on any episodes fans might have missed.
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