AT Survey: How Do You Feel About Plastic Packaging?



AT Survey: How Do You Feel About Plastic Packaging?

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  1. Brian Hadden on

    The best in class Eye Tie Fly Threader is packaged on eco friendly cards of recycled paper. When packaging was discussed we chose to stay away from plastic packaging. Glad we chose the card for a green packaging option. Most of our customers feel the same way to reduce plastic in the fishing industry.

  2. Chris Beech on

    As a commercial fly tier, I use a lot of plastic (ziplock bags) to individually package my (saltwater) flies. A customers order then gets placed in a larger bag and ships in a recycled cardboard box. I hate using the plastic bags, but I just don’t see another way of packaging flies in a way that keeps them presentable and protects them from being damaged during transit.

  3. Bob Balcombe on

    Plastic! unfortunately is a way of life, Here in Western Washington the fishermen have a saying. Take out what you take In. I personally hate those Styrofoam bait containers. No matter where you go you find them along any stream or river

  4. Ben Furimsky on

    The first plastic bags were introduced in 1957. The first fully synthetic plastic was invented in 1907. I think we would all agree that life went on prior to the use of plastic. While there are many important and useful modern conveniences that plastic is a part of, its the single use plastics that can be reduced. Perhaps we didn’t think ahead or got lazy, but these throw away plastics have sadly polluted our waters and landscapes in only around 30 years of use. That means that most of us reading this information are 100% to blame for this problem and have the opportunity to do something about it. If the generation prior didn’t do anything about environmental issues they faced, it would be likely that most of our rivers would be ablaze. We need to emphasize the word REDUCE when it comes to plastics. We should all think hard before justifying our use.

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