Jackson Kayak Launches Coosa HD Fishing Kayak


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From Jackson Kayak:

The Coosa HD (Heavy Duty) builds on the original Coosa’s reputation for stability, comfort and maneuverability with the addition of an updated hull design and features that truly redefine the baseline for kayak anglers.

Still primarily a river-going machine, the hull of the Coosa HD is slightly longer and wider than the original, making it faster and even more stable for a wider range of river anglers while tracking truer on flatwater lakes, ponds, and inshore conditions.

“The whole design team is justifiably proud of the original Coosa, but now I feel like I’m getting even more of the comforts and features I’ve been dreaming about since we introduced the Coosa to the marketplace in 2011,” said Jackson Kayak’s original kayak fishing team member Drew Gregory. “Good news is, with the Coosa HD all those dreams have become a reality and Jackson Kayak gets to prove once again that our commitment to user-inspired innovation keeps us at the forefront of kayak angling design.”

At 12’1” in length and 34 inches wide at the beam, the reboot of the Coosa comes packed with features that Jackson Kayak founder and bass fishing aficionado Eric Jackson predicts will become the standard in kayak fishing. A look at the deck finds this smorgasbord of features:

New improved Elite Seat 3.0 that adjusts to multiple seating positions, fore and aft, high and low, allowing for the most efficient trim. The seat also boasts a comfortable curved seat back, new seat padding, Plano tackle box pockets underneath, and the new Therm-a-Rest lumbar pad system.

Raymarine and Power-Pole Micro Anchor ready, with molded in features making installation of the latest in kayak fishing technologies clean, quick and easy.
A hinged, removable, “Coosa Console” that allows for convenient fish finder integration, day hatch, Nalgene, drink holder, and a new line spooling system. It’s also easily removable for those that want a clean deck, like fly fisherman.

Improved and enhanced rod management systems, including rod tip covers at the bow, for multiple rod holding and staging positions for fly, spin and bait casting styles, flush mounts, and standard RAM rod holders.

Built-in GoPro mounts, and the new YakAttack Boomstick pole camera mount to enable capturing every moment of every catch and adventure on film.

Standard Buck Knives Splizzors fishing multitool for addressing all your lure change and hook removal needs on the water.Padded floor to optimize the stand-up fishing experience.

On sale now at Jackson Kayak dealers across the country, the Coosa HD comes in all six standard 2015 Jackson Kayak fishing boat colors: Forest Camo, GI Jackson, Dorado, Sexy Shad, Sunrise and Urban Cowgirl. The boat weighs 79 pounds; add another six pounds with the seat. MSRP is $1699.

About Jackson Kayak.

Founded in 2003 by Whitewater Hall of Famer Eric Jackson and Tony Lunt. Independently owned and American made, Jackson Kayak is the world’s leader in the design and manufacturing of whitewater and fishing kayaks. The company also produces recreational and touring kayaks for paddlers of all ages.For complete information about the company’s products and lifestyle, visit the Jackson Kayak website. Jackson Kayak also founded World Kayak, a hub for the latest news, kayak events and conversations around the world and Paddle Education, the leading online portal for instructional videos and tips for kayaking of all kinds including fishing, touring, whitewater, creekboating, and stand up paddling. In 2014, the company began manufacturing and selling American-tough Orion Coolers.


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