Fulling Mill joins forces with The Angling Trust


fulling_millFrom Fulling Mill:

Fulling Mill, UK’s largest and most successful manufacturer of fishing flies, has recently become a member of The Angling Trust. “Having come into the industry just a year or so ago, I am clear that The Angling Trust, is the organisation that all of us with an interest in fishing must join. Whether as an individual or as a company, we all have duty to get involved and this is why I have not only signed Fulling Mill up as a member, but I have joined personally too,” remarked Will Landale, the Managing Director of Fulling Mill. “Fishing faces a myriad of challenges and I am determined that Fulling Mill is an active and energetic participant in support of the great work that the Trust undertakes.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Fulling Mill as a member,” commented Mark Lloyd, CEO of The Angling Trust. “We need leading businesses such as Fulling Mill to input their perspective regarding the issues we face and to support our initiatives. We are excited by what we can do together and look forward to working closely over the years to come.”

The Angling Trust represents all game, coarse and sea anglers and angling in England. The Trust lobbies government and campaigns on all environmental and angling issues. The Trust fights pollution and polluters, commercial over-fishing at sea, over-abstraction, poaching, unlawful navigation of waterways, local bans and a host of other threats to angling. Importantly, The Trust runs programmes to increase participation, particularly amongst young people and those who have yet to discover the joys of the sport.


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