Flat Tops Modular Fishing System


fingerrock_webMade in the USA at Finger Rock Outfitters’ Colorado facility, the Flat Tops Modular Fishing System is both innovative and affordable.  The system is built around a customizable vest, to which a removable backpack and torso pack can be added.   The standard model comes with two 9″ cargo pockets, two 6″ shelf pockets, one 3″ cargo pocket, and one 3″ tool pocket.  However, the pockets are also removable and can be interchanged.  Extra pockets can then be stored in the backpack.  The shoulder straps can be removed from the vest and attached to the backpack providing stand-alone functionality.  The backpack handle can be removed and attached to the torso pack for use as a neck strap.  The torso pack can also be used as a compression system to hold larger items to the outside of the backpack.

The Backpack, the torso pack, and select pockets feature STA-GO LOC technology.  This entirely new way to organize your gear.  Never fear a shifting load or losing a valuable box again!  All pockets can be used to organize gear inside of the backpack and torso pack.  This allows you to decide what goes where… not gravity!  Both the six-inch pockets and the torso pack open as shelves to provide easy access to gear.  STA-GO LOC prevents gear from falling off of the shelf while the pocket is open.  And this isn’t just for fishing.  Enabled photographers, kayakers, paddle boarders, snowboarders, skiers, hikers, hunters, bicyclists, and campers are using Finger Rock Outfitters Gear from the Arctic to South Africa.


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