Tenkara USA, Sandy Relief Auction


From Tenkara USA:

Just as I (Tenkara USA) have started becoming more familiar and establishing stronger ties with the parts of the East Coast of the United States – visiting North Carolina and Virginia less than 2 weeks ago, and agreeing to host the 3rd Tenkara Summit in the region – the area became subject to great devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. I feel lucky to have missed the hurricane by less than 2 weeks, but sympathize with the millions of people who are in the area and will be struggling for weeks to come in the wake of Sandy. With the help of Thom xanax bars online no prescription Darrah from TrailLite Designs (our partner in another auction we held last year to benefit victims of the Tsunami in Japan) we hope to count on your help to provide assistance to those in need on the East Coast of the US. We’ll make it very appetizing to you by offering the unique tenkara items listed below.

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