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Need a Fly Fishing Job? See below...

Is the fly fishing job market heating up? We think so, as we’ve seen more action on this front in recent weeks than we have in years.

For example, Front Range Anglers in Boulder, Colorado, needs a needs website and marketing manager. The job posting:

Front Range Anglers in Boulder, Colorado, is seeking a full-time e-commerce and marketing professional. This position is responsible for all aspects of the company’s e-commerce system including design and maintenance, as well as coordinating all marketing and advertising needs.

Skills needed:

1. Proficiency in web development tools from Adobe Products including Dreamweaver and Photoshop
2. Understanding of HTML and CSS
3. Video editing skills
4. Writing and editing abilities
5. Familiarity with Google AdWord management. Interested parties may submit a resume along with a selection of work samples to [email protected]

And If You’re Looking to Hire…

We know a guy. He’s a seasoned sales/business development executive who has recently decided to leave the high tech industry, and wants to get involved with the fishing market. We can vouch for his excellent communications skills… he’s written for us often. If you are a manufacturer or retailer who is interested in professional talent, please send us an email at [email protected], and we’ll make the discreet connection.

More “People News”

C.F. Burkheimer announced that Jason Borger has joined the company’s advisory staff. Borger will be providing feedback and input on rod performance, as well as working with Burkheimer on various media and education projects.

Batson Enterprises, a U.S.-based, family-owned wholesaler of rod blanks and rod building components proudly added a third generation Batson to the industry recently.
Keller Batson (22) is the latest addition to the 17 in house professionals at Batson Enterprises based in Sequim, Washington. Keller will be mentored by one of the finest and most respected designers in the industry, Mike Thorson.

Lindsay Garbutt, a leader in marine conservation and tourism in Belize, has been named executive director of Turneffe Atoll Trust, according to Craig Hayes, Chairman of the Turneffe Atoll Trust Board. Garbutt has worked in commercial fishing, conservation and tourism; most recently he served as Chief Executive Officer for the Ministry of Tourism in Belize. Born in southern Belize, he worked as a commercial fisherman as a young man and remains a key advocate for commercial fishermen in Belize. Garbutt was influential in the development of two of Belize’s most successful conservation organizations – Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (T.I.D.E) and the Southern Environmental Association (S.E.A.). He has served as Chairman of the Fisheries Advisory Board and the Belize Tourism Board and has also served on the Protected Areas Conservation Trust Board of Directors.

Bird Marketing Group Inc. recently announced that Al Ritt, of Al Ritt Flies and Peak Fishing, has joined the Fly Fusion magazine editorial team as field editor. Al joins a cast of well-respected field editors, such as Jim McLennan and April Vokey, and will oversee all fly tying content. Al will report directly to the publisher with the primary objective to strengthen the quality and influence of fly tying within the pages of the magazine.


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