Simms build-out at Angler’s Covey an industry first


The new "Simms" Angler's Covey in Colorado Springs

Simms Fishing Products and Angler’s Covey of Colorado Springs have partnered on a project that involved Simms designing and building a dramatic point-of-sale display area that occupies a significant portion of the fly shop.

Coming on the heels of Simms’ recent decision to sell directly through its website, this particular project makes a bold statement about Simms’ dedication to the specialty fly shop, according to Simms CEO K.C. Walsh.

“We are firmly committed to helping our dealers enhance the in-store experience for customers, and we were proud to partner with Angler’s Covey on a project like this,” said Walsh.  He added that the company plans to expand these plans and involve select fly shops throughout the country in the coming months and years.

Angler’s Covey owner David Leinweber officially “unveiled” the new store design at his “Colorado Springs Fly Fishing Show” on March 3.  It was a massive event, with wall-to-wall customers, involving sales reps for all the major brands, special customer deals, speaker presentations and slideshows, and more.  (Truly, we’ve never seen an event quite like it… customers were parking what seemed like a mile away to get in the door!)

“We’re really excited about this… not only does it create a new look for our shop, but I think it underscores how Simms values us as a key factor in reaching the angling customer.”


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