Participants at Simms event offered unique incentive to provide fishing reports


SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORNIA  – NFL star Peyton Manning once got $34.5 million as a signing bonus. Fellow quarterback Tom Brady’s signing bonus was reportedly $16 million.

, a new Web site featuring the most comprehensive collection of up-to-date fishing reports collected straight from guides, shops and outfitters, is giving guides who attend Simms Fishing Products’ second-annual Ice-Out guides event in Bozeman, Mont., this week the opportunity to be a bit like football’s biggest stars.

Fishhound, one of the industry partners of Simms’ guide-only event, will be wooing some of the country’s best fly-fishing guides with a one-time offer to collect signing bonus. Guides must agree to provide two fishing reports per week through a 90-day period to be eligible for the cash. The signing bonus will be $300 – not quite Manning and Brady money, but nothing to sneeze at, either.

“We want to ensure when people log on to Fishhound they get real-time, on-the-water reports from people who know their stuff,” said Rick Patri, Vice President, operations for Fishhound. “These guides at Ice-Out know their stuff. There’s a huge value in having them contribute to our site. We recognize that and we’re going to pay them for that.”

Set to officially launch in the coming week,’s comprehensive collection of local, real-time fishing reports from professional, on-the-water anglers provides the most accurate and up-to-date information available anywhere.

“We have an amazing web platform,” said Patri, who will be in Bozeman at the Simms event. “But it’s the information taken from local shops and guides that will ultimately set us apart.”

Once Fishhound launches, anglers will be able to log in and obtain important information they need on where and when to go, what flies to use and even get weather and water conditions. And they have the ability to customize it to specific waters and spots they’re interested in.

A Fishhound report gives anglers information on water flows, temperature and water clarity, plus updated trip reports on the size and number of fish caught and what was used to catch them. Additionally, Fishhound visitors can access the site’s database of lures, flies and fish species.

While much of the site’s content is free, premium memberships at Fishhound ($9.99 a month) provide much deeper fishing information including specially designed apps for phones, exhaustive search capability of fishing spots, detailed section reports, hatch and fish migration reports and discounts on selected gear.

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About Fishhound is an online site providing the most accurate and actionable fishing reports to anglers across the country to give them exactly what they want – the perfect fishing day. The game-changing Fishhound pro staff is a growing association of trusted guides, fly shop owners and lodges who are dedicated to collecting the information that makes Fishhound unlike another fishing website. Members of the Fishhound Pro Staff are able to grow their business and earn money while doing the reporting they already do. For more information on becoming a Fishhound Pro Staff member please visit


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