SWAE Sports Connects Adventure Travelers With Guide Services all Over the World


After cycling over 2,500 miles from Canada to Mexico to launch their company, and partnering with more than 300 of the world’s best adventure guide services, SWAE Sports is live and set to redefine the way you find your next adventure.

Visitors to swaesports.com (SWAE being an acronym for Snow, Water, Air, and Earth) can research their travel options based on location, sport/adventure, difficulty rating, pricing, and other users’ reviews to find and book some of the wildest adventures on earth.

By developing a central collection of the best adventure travel experiences from around the world, SWAE has empowered its users with the same, if not better, knowledge as travel agents. Even taking it a step further, SWAE works hard to include every type of adventure, from the independent rafting guide in Patagonia, to the multi‐national tour operator. It’s all there.

Daniel Epstein, the Founder and CEO of SWAE Sports puts it best, “The reason we’re so excited about SWAE is obvious; we are our own customers. Like everyone else, we want a user‐friendly website that displays the world’s most epic trips, across all locations and price points.

SWAEsports.com doesn’t just serve the end user. The adventure providers who use SWAE control all their content and can even use SWAE’s systems to give their own websites online booking capabilities. In an industry where few tour operators and guides have online reservation capabilities, SWAE’s approach represents a major shift. “One of our central goals from the start has been to make it easy for guides and tour operators to get the word out about their services and to manage their trips online,” explains Will Butler, SWAE’s Communication Strategist.

But it doesn’t stop there. Last month SWAE unveiled a revolutionary feature called SWAE Global that allows other websites such as magazine publications, tourism boards, and local gear shops, to earn commissions selling the trips on SWAE on their own sites. “Whether you are a local fly fishing shop in Crested Butte, CO who wants to help promote your town’s local guides, or an industry‐leading travel magazine who wants to offer adventures that coincide with your articles, you can implement SWAE Global for free to drive more traffic to your website, further your purpose as an organization, and make some serious moola through the entire process,” says Butler.

Beyond making adventure sports more accessible, SWAE also sees it as their purpose to enable greater availability of eco‐tourism in the developing world. 10% of their company’s profits are dedicated to providing local guides with the necessary start up capital, equipment, and expertise they’ll need to create their own eco‐tourism business. “In doing this,” says Epstein, “SWAE Sports has the real ability to promote conservation through adventure travel.”

Contact: Will Butler (Media Relations / Adventurist) 970‐331‐1306, www.swaesports.com [email protected], @SWAESports on Twitter


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