Tenkara USA Starts Up Dealer Program, Improves Website and International Distribution


Tenkara USA is proudly rolling out its authorized dealer program. We have started working with independent fly shops and backpacking/adventure companies to bring our products to a location near you. The first stores to start working with us include the Bear’s Den in Massachussets, Blue Ribbon Flies in Montana, and Campsaver in Utah with its new fly-fishing department and new store, Wildfly.com. If you have a favorite dealer you’d like to see carrying our products, please visit our dealers page and share your suggestions with us.

This week we also released two improvements to our website:

We simplified the checkout process, cutting the number of steps in the checkout process from 6 to 3 with a one-page checkout confirmation. This will make it much easier for you to complete your purchase, a task that we admit was not the most pleasant until recently.

And, we just created a “One-step product selection” page for those of you who know what you want, or just want a quicker checkout process. This tool is accessible via the “Tenkara Gear” tab of our website.

Tenkara International:
We’re just a few days away from start distributing in Canada, the UK and Europe. If you’re in those regions, pretty soon you’ll enjoy cheaper shipping rates, quicker delivery, and no more hassles with customs and duties. Stay tuned for more on Tenkara International.

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