Great Bay Chimes in with “Dealer Protection Program”


In response to a note from Bill Leuchten of Front Range Anglers in Boulder, Colorado, regarding manufacturers selling direct via websites, Angling Trade received a number of energized responses.  Perhaps most interesting was a note from David Gibson of New Hampshire-based Great Bay Rod Co., who enlightened us on his company’s “Dealer Protection Program.”
Here’s the deal in a nutshell.  If a dealer carries Great Bay rods (which are all U.S. made, and retail at $330 on average), and a consumer within a 60-mile radius of that shop purchases a Great Bay rod online, the dealer is still given full shop margin on that sale.  It’s that simple. To learn more about the product and the program, see


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  1. Carroll Johnson on

    This is an intriguing concept. I’d like to know more details – do dealers like it / trust that they will be paid a”kick-back” on every Great Bay “house” sale etc. How are house sales reported & audited, is the “full shop margin” based on “Keystone”, or adjusted to factor out store overhead normally attributable to the cost of generating store sales? In metropolitan areas with more than one Great Bay dealer, what determines which retailer gets the benefit of the sale? Is the payment in the form of a credit toward future purchases from Great Bay, a check or form of instant cash payment, or otherwise? Are Great Bay direct sales priced the same as their suggested retail prices?

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