New Products from Scientific Anglers for Spring 2021


Through our 75 plus year history, Scientific Anglers (SA) has been the industry leader in fly line innovation, technology, and construction.  From making the first coated fly lines to the feature-loaded lines of today, we have brought an always-growing list of “firsts” to fly fishers world-wide.

SA products are the culmination of design, research, and extensive testing.  No outfit is complete without leader and tippet.  For 2021, our ongoing search to find the best materials possible led us to Absolute Supreme Fluorocarbon tippet material and a great new storage accessory, the Switch Tippet Holder.

The Creek Trout fly line and improved Warm and Cold Redfish lines reflect SA’s philosophy to create the best products to fill a specific need. These lines are the perfect blend of design and technology, making days on the water as enjoyable and productive as possible.

Absolute Supreme Fluorocarbon Tippet Material

Absolute Trout Supreme Fluorocarbon Tippet

Assembling a fly-fishing outfit is all about connections- backing to line, line to leader, leader to tippet, tippet to fly. All of these need to be made properly and as strong as possible, with the tippet to fly being the final (and weakest) link in this process. Scientific Anglers continues to source and provide the best tippet materials that can be found anywhere. The new Absolute Supreme Fluorocarbon is the latest example of this. Designed for the most demanding situations, Absolute Supreme Fluorocarbon tippet provides the perfect blend of knot strength, suppleness, and abrasion resistance.

With a two-layer, 100% fluorocarbon formulation, knot strength is increased over 33% and tensile strength by 8%, making this the best fluorocarbon on the market for super-stealthy presentations and maximum strength per diameter. Absolute Supreme Fluorocarbon is available sizes 7X to 0X and from 8 lb. to 20 lb. on 30m spools featuring SA’s patented built-in cutter.

Amplitude Smooth Creek Trout Line

Small creek trout anglers are a breed all their own. They will brave clouds of mosquitoes and black flies, slosh through swamps and alder thickets, all in search of a 12-inch “trophy”. These intrepid explorers finally have a line designed specifically for their unique requirements. The Amplitude Creek Trout line combines all aspects of Scientific Anglers industry-leading technology into a line for the small-stream angler.

This versatile, short-head taper is designed to deliver the fly accurately at short to medium range in the tightest spaces. An extended rear taper gives extra mending and line control on the water.   The Creek Trout line will turn over weighted nymphs and streamers, but delivers dries gently with a long leader.

The AST Plus additive provides superior shooting ability and increased durability. Built a full line size heavy for quick-loading, the Creek Trout line has all the features found in every SA Amplitude Smooth line. Available in sizes WF2F to WF6F.

Amplitude Redfish Line – Warm and Cold

Redfish have the widest distribution of any of our inshore saltwater species and are tolerant of a broad range of water temperatures. Scientific Anglers has a long history of making lines for this popular sportfish. The new Amplitude Smooth Redfish lines take things up another level of performance. They are designed to satisfy the needs of redfish anglers everywhere, no matter where or when they fish.

You will find both warm and cold formulations to maximize performance in both summer and winter conditions. No more wet-spaghetti running lines in a Texas heat wave or coiled springs during a Louisiana cold front.   The redfish angler can select the best line for the conditions without having to compromise.   This means less tangles, better casts, and more shots at fish.

The quick-loading, short head is a half-weight heavy. Combined with a reduced front taper, SA’s Amplitude Smooth Redfish lines turn over large flies in the most challenging conditions.   Add in AST Plus for exceptional shooting and increased durability and you’ll find SA’s Warm and Cold Smooth Amplitude Redfish lines get you in game no matter the situation. If redfish are your target, SA gives you the best lines to fish. Available in WF6F to WF9F in Warm and WF8F to WF10F in Cold.

Switch Tippet Holder

Managing spools of tippet material is an on-going struggle for all fly anglers. There are plenty of tippet holders on the market, the problem is most just don’t work very well. They are hard to open or load. They are vertical when they need to horizontal, or horizontal when they need to be vertical.  Tension adjustment is difficult. Worst yet a fully-loaded holder may just “disappear” off your pack or vest after a trek through brush to your favorite spot.

Scientific Anglers Switch Tippet Holder is made to simplify tippet storage. The light and strong, powder-coated aluminum frame is available in 4 colors and holds up to 8 tippet spools. You can color-code and pre-load holders for specific needs or different tippet materials.   A strong stainless-steel loading latch is easy to open, but closes uber-securely after stacking tippet spools on the frame. Easy-sliding rubber washers easily adjust tension on the tippet spools.

Best of all, the Switch Tippet Holder can be carried in a horizontal or vertical position! A powerful stainless-steel mini-carabiner easily secures the holder to D-Rings on a vest, pack, or boat bag in the position you need. Want to make things really simple? A ready-to-fish version of the Switch Tippet Holder is available in red with 5 spools of Scientific Anglers Absolute Trout Tippet Material (2X to 5X) already loaded.


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