Amplitude Redfish Line – Warm and Cold

Brand: Scientific Anglers

Price: $99.95

Redfish have the widest distribution of any of our inshore saltwater species and are tolerant of a broad range of water temperatures. Scientific Anglers has a long history of making lines for this popular sportfish. The new Amplitude Smooth Redfish lines take things up another level of performance. They are designed to satisfy the needs of redfish anglers everywhere, no matter where or when they fish.

You will find both warm and cold formulations to maximize performance in both summer and winter conditions. No more wet-spaghetti running lines in a Texas heat wave or coiled springs during a Louisiana cold front. The redfish angler can select the best line for the conditions without having to compromise. This means less tangles, better casts, and more shots at fish.

The quick-loading, short head is a half-weight heavy. Combined with a reduced front taper, SA’s Amplitude Smooth Redfish lines turn over large flies in the most challenging conditions. Add in AST Plus for exceptional shooting and increased durability and you’ll find SA’s Warm and Cold Smooth Amplitude Redfish lines get you in game no matter the situation. If redfish are your target, SA gives you the best lines to fish. Available in WF6F to WF9F in Warm and WF8F to WF10F in Cold.

Click here for more info on the Amplitude Smooth redfish Cold Line

Click here for more info on the Amplitude Smooth redfish Warm Line