Switch Tippet Holder – Fully Loaded

Brand: Scientific Anglers

Price: $49.95

Managing spools of tippet material is an on-going struggle for all fly anglers. There are plenty of tippet holders on the market, the problem is most just don’t work very well. They are hard to open or load. They are vertical when they need to horizontal, or horizontal when they need to be vertical.  Tension adjustment is difficult. Worst yet a fully-loaded holder may just “disappear” off your pack or vest after a trek through brush to your favorite spot.

Scientific Anglers Switch Tippet Holder is made to simplify tippet storage. The light and strong, powder-coated aluminum frame is available in 4 colors and holds up to 8 tippet spools. You can color-code and pre-load holders for specific needs or different tippet materials.   A strong stainless-steel loading latch is easy to open, but closes uber-securely after stacking tippet spools on the frame. Easy-sliding rubber washers easily adjust tension on the tippet spools.

Best of all, the Switch Tippet Holder can be carried in a horizontal or vertical position! A powerful stainless-steel mini-carabiner easily secures the holder to D-Rings on a vest, pack, or boat bag in the position you need. Want to make things really simple? A ready-to-fish version of the Switch Tippet Holder is available in red with 5 spools of Scientific Anglers Absolute Trout Tippet Material (2X to 5X) already loaded.