Camille Egdorf Joins the Thomas & Thomas Advisory Staff



From T&T:

Thomas & Thomas Fly Rods (T&T) announces the addition of fly angler Camille Egdorf to its Advisory Staff. Since acquiring the company in 2014, owner Neville Orsmond has sought to build a premier team of ambassador advisors, spread across the globe and representing diverse angling backgrounds. These experts critique T&T’s designs and contribute to the evolution of every rod.

“We’re proud of Camille for what she stands for and how her values align with our core values—respecting tradition while breaking the mold and finding ways to promote conservation,” said Orsmond. “I met Camille on a fishing expedition in Providence in 2014, where she out-fished much of our crew, and since then have wanted her on board. ‘Excitement’ is an understatement to express our sentiment toward her becoming part of our team.”

T&T has recruited some of the most notable names in the industry to act as advisors for its line of graphite, fiberglass and bamboo rods, including South African saltwater pioneers Keith Rose-Innes and Jako Lucas, tarpon legend Joel Dickey of Florida, and American sporting artist and Western trout guide Patrick Duke. Egdorf joins these impressive ranks and brings her own distinguished and deep angling background.

Her childhood split between school in Hardin, Montana and summers on Alaska’s Nushagak River at her family’s guest camp in the bush, Egdorf’s Western Alaska Sportfishing. At 18, she began guiding, so it’s no surprise that at 27 years old, Camille radiates a stateliness typical of the infinitely patient, and normally, of those significantly older. Add to that the fact she’s armed with the wilderness survival and people skills of a premier guide and it’s easy to see why T&T brought Egdorf on board.

“My first real exposure to T&T was just after Nev took on the company. I was really struck by his enthusiasm and his commitment to restoring the brand to what it once was. T&T wasn’t just going to trade shows, but reaching out to experts in the Industry, going where few anglers have gone before to catch exotic species and really thinking outside the box to change the face of the Industry. That’s what drew me to the advisory staff,” she noted.

Camille’s graced billboards and advertisements for Simms Fishing Products and she’s produced and starred in several fly fishing films. She recently unveiled Odd Man Out, co-produced with Seacat Creative and featured in the 2017 Fly Fishing Film Tour. Additionally, she was a featured angler in Confluence Films’ 2016 Providence, set in the far-flung Seychelles. Today, she’s the Program Director for Alaska and Christmas Island at Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures in Bozeman, Montana. When she’s not in the Yellow Dog headquarters office, Camille’s traveling to salt- and freshwater environs around the globe to host clients or explore new fisheries.

She recently returned from an arapaima expedition in the jungle of Guyana, located in the north of the South American continent. An average arapaima is five to six feet in length and Camille put the T&T Exocett 12-weight to the test.

“I have a smaller hand and T&T made me a custom grip,” she explained. “They delivered it to me within two weeks of my departure and it’s not just the custom build and quick delivery that impressed me. These rods are built for the angler who expects incredible performance. They build to really specific types of fishing and are hitting areas of the rod market that haven’t been hit previously.”

“What she brings to us is her expertise as an all-around badass angler and also as a female angler,” said Orsmond. “Camille provides a much-needed perspective that will allow us to approach rod design differently and expand our current offerings.”

She landed one elusive arapaima during the week, a miraculous feat. The fish was nearly brought to hand, but her guide jumped from the boat, grabbed the leader to pull the fish in the final few feet, but the beast sank down and the fly popped out. In spite of the semi-caught fish, Camille was struck by the way the rod cast and held up against a massive fish.

“The casts for arapaima are 60 to 70 feet on average. Within three false casts, I could let go and feel confident in the line placement. Special recoil guides gave it a bit of cushion and definitely helped me,” she highlighted. “The Exocett is built to withstand hardcore use and abuse—abuse by the angler and the fish.”

With her return to the U.S and new start as a T&T Pro, Egdorf’s enthusiastic about embracing the brand in all her upcoming adventures.

“I look forward to delivering progressive and fresh ideas for rod development, and particularly ideas for women anglers. I aim to represent the brand alongside everything T&T aspires to be in this new chapter, in fly fishing and the broader Outdoor Industry” she closed.

For additional information on the T&T Advisory Staff, contact Thomas & Thomas Fly Rods, (413) 475-3840.


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